Sunday, 25 March 2012


Arghhh...I was trying to make an online booking for train ticket from Miryang to Jinhae but the ticket for the earliest timing, 6.57am was sold out!!!  There was still available ticket when I was checking the schedule but the next minute when I clicked "confirm", it showed no more ticket available.  *Shock cums blur
The next available timing is 13.14 and will reach Jinhae about 14.14.  The last train from Jinhae back to Miryang is 18.10. If I take up this timing, I will not have enough time to explore the beauty of Jinhae during this festival.  Sob.....I'm so so sad now.......but I supposed that's how appealing Jinhae Gunhangje Festival is!  Guess I have no choice but to check out how to get to Jinhae by buses now...Aiyoo.....I was reluctant to take buses because I can imagine how packed and jammed it would be ㅠㅠ 
괜찮아!!  Everything happens for a good reason!


  1. Hi I'm going to korea in early April and planning to go for jinhae cherry blossom. We decided to take korail for 1 day trip but I have no idea how to get there by korail. From the website it seems the bus route from the Masan station. Could u pls help me? Thanks

  2. Hi there.
    I'm not sure if I got u right. If u take train, u will need to transfer train cos its not a direct train to Jinhae station. I tried using the Korail website eg the first train(KTX) that departs from Seoul Station at 5.50am and reach Masan at 8.52am, transfer to the Mugungwha train at Masan station(9.40am) and reach Jinhae station at 10.13am. Which means you will need to wait for about 50mins at Masan station for your train to Jinhae.
    Personally, I did not take the train from Seoul to Jinhae but I took the information from Korail website.

  3. It is like this? Ktx to miryang, then mugunghwa to Masan finally bus to jinhae?

  4. Hihi,
    have u tried out KORAIl? U can't book the ticket now but at least u can key in your places to have an idea. I tried and I see that you can take a Mugungwha train from Masan station to Jinhae station. I'm not sure about taking bus from Masan though.
    In my previous trip, I visited Jinhae from Busan by taking a bus.

  5. Hi there how to go from jinhae to busan ya? What's is the latest ktx from busan to seoul? Thx

  6. Hi, I took the direct bus from Jinhae Bus terminal to Seobu Bus Terminal(Busan). The subway station for Seobu bus terminal is Sasang station. You can check out my blog link at

    As for the train schedule from Busan to Seoul, you may wish to check out Korail website