Sunday, 15 June 2014

When I miss my second home...

Here are some of my attempts to cook over the past few weeks, recipes with reference from and

      1) 콩나물밥 Kongnamulbap. Recipe with reference Maangchi
I used pork instead of beef since I don't take beef.
I laid the marinated minced pork over the rice. 
Next, I laid the bean sprouts over the pork.
Some people laid the bean sprouts first and followed by the meat.
I prepared the sauce, while the rice, pork and bean sprouts are cooking in the rice cooker.
Its cooked!
I mixed the rice, pork and bean sprouts together.
Garnishing also with reference from Maangchi ㅋㅋㅋ
Add the sauce when ready to eat.
Ermm..that bowl of soup is my attempt to cook 된장 찌개 although it does not look like 된장 찌개 at all ㅋㅋㅋ
Another simple way to eat 콩나물밥 Kongnamulbap without a sunny side up and radish sprouts.
Reference from
Yeap!  Add in the sauce  ^^
This dish is healthy and not difficult to prepare! 

   2) 두부 조림 Tofu Jorim. Recipe with reference from Aeriskitchen
Coat the Tofu with cornstarch and pan fry it.
I realised the sauce is about the same and can be applicable to many dishes!
Yeah. I prepared the sauce and pour it over the fried Tofu.
I didn't add carrots becos I ran out of it. 

 3) 간장 어묵 볶음, GanJang EoMuk BokkEum. Recipe with reference from Aeriskitchen
I tried the spicy version before.  Hence, I attempt the non spicy version this time. 
Oopss! I forgot to add sesame seeds...

    4) 계란찜 Gyeran jjim.  
My all time favourite ^^ 
     5) 해물 김치전 Seafood Kimchi Jeon.  
Adding the chopped kimchi, squid and prawns into the batter.
 I followed the recipe from Aeriskitchen but I added prawns and squid. 
It would be better if I have more Kimchi broth.
Taste ok but I think it can better ^^
I think I don't have the talent to make 전 ㅠㅠ but I will not give up. 


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