Sunday, 19 November 2017

John Park 존 박 - 운명처럼 Fateful Love

I find that this song, this drama is so romantic.  
나도 방학 동안에 내 운명적인 사랑을 만났으면 좋겠어.

On a side note, I just came back from my 2nd home few days back and this song really touches my heart so much cos it reminds me of the times in Jeju beach cafes.  Hahaha not that I met somebody special, but it was those moments where I felt I was really on a vacation.  I kept receiving phone calls and msgs from my colleagues during this trip.  It was so frustrating and mentally exhausted but yet I couldn't scold them. It was only at the beach cafes that I completely zone out.  Cold?  아니요. 따뜻해.  Not at all. I felt warm at heart during those moments. 

I wish I can let go of everything here.
I want to be there for the rest of my life...

Ok...back to update posts for my Spring trip 2017 lol

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