Sunday, 28 June 2020

3 April 2019 - Just ramyeon for dinner

Kimchi and egg ramyeon.
It was late when I had this cos I was still pretty full from my oil pasta.
소맥 Somaek time!!
2+1 ^^
These potato chips were superb!!!

3 April 2019 - Yummy donkatsu pasta

Took the subway to Nakseongdae station, exit 4 for my lunch at 돈파스팔레 Donpas Palais. 
I came here last Spring but it was closed so I made another attempt today.
Should be 11.30am~2.30pm.
They were located on the 2nd level.
I think their break time was 3pm~5pm.
Dinner time was 5pm~9.30pm.
Not sure if they are still in operation or if the operation hours has changed since then.
Ordering was via the self service kiosk.

Can't recall what soup was this.
Not sure why they gave me this as "Service". ^^
Thank you so much!
My shrimp oil pasta (Gamberoni alio olio donpas 23000won) ^^   

Actually, I do not like thick noodles but I love oil noodles and was tempted by those garlic slices ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I love donkatsu.
This donkatsu was delicious but the bottom of the donkatsu was not crispy by the time I "reached" it lol
Super full after eating this meal!
It took me about 5 mins walk from Nakseongdae station, exit 4.
Very satisfied with my lunch!

3 April 2019 - Double cheese donkatsu toast for breakfast

Trying out Isaac new menu for a change lol
Usually I only order their ham & cheese toast cos I make a mess if my sandwich is packed with ingredients.
Yumzzzzzz... ^^

Friday, 26 June 2020

3 April 2019 - A visit to 응봉산 개나리축제 Eunbongsan Forsythia Festival

Took the subway to Eunbong Station, exit 1.

I think it took me less than 15mins to reach here.
Eunbongsan Forsythia Festival was supposed to be held from Mar. 29, 2019 to Mar. 31 but its ok. 
Here we go! 
It was not a difficult climb.

This got to be my favorite spot in Eunbongsan ^^

Saw this bridge on my way down. scary...
Scary but I still attempted to walk on it hahahha

Saturday, 20 June 2020

2 April 2019 - Big dogs at 구름뜬하늘

Brought my friends to this dog cafe in Hongdae.
I did not notice the dog cafe above although I came to this shop often.
We could hear dogs barking from here.
Dunno why this little one seems to have its eyes on Asher only lol
They went round and round and round in circle ㅋㅋㅋ
Super chaotic whenever somebody came.
Seems like the dogs can smell/sense their fellow friend is here.
They started barking loudly even before their friend arrives at the door step.
All the dogs will just gather and start barking at the door.

Super like big dogs, that is my reason for coming here ^^
Looks like my friend has 3 kids lol

The owner of this beautiful dog.
"Go away dun disturb me" lol
That side glance hahahaha

That pair of eyes....Awww....

Yes, 손님?
A customer who did not want to leave lol
Refused to leave hahahah
Less than 10mins walk from Honggik Univ Station, exit 8 

 We ended our day at Sinchon and having BBQ at a random restaurant. 

Guess who ate the most?
The little one!!
I was so surprised! lol