Sunday, 20 January 2019

1 April 2018 - Super delicious abalone sea urchin seaweed soup

Many reviews stated that Eugene made effort to go through their itineraries.
I did not expect or think of asking Eugene to go through mine cos I did a lot of research.
BUT after Eugene showed me the room, she asked me to show her my itinerary.
She went through and commented my itinerary looked ok, except that the eating places I wanted to go, were more for blog/instagram purposes.
Not so much for good food.
She gave me a list of nice eating places & also suggested a few good ones that were not on the list.
Wowww...I was so touched by her gesture!
She could have just leave the room, you know what I mean?
As it was about 2pm, she offered to drive me to a nearby popular eatery becos she was worried that it will be closed for break time.
It took abut 6mins drive to reach here and I reached here about 2.30pm.
I am only interested in the food that I stated in the box hahahah
I think the first 4 items on the menu are raw food, like cold raw abalone, cold raw fish, which I dun really like/used to it.
Open from 10am till 9pm.
Last order is 8.30pm. 
Breaktime to prepare ingredients is from 3.30pm till 5pm.
I think it said you can order till 3.30pm.
Aiyo...that will be like no breaktime...
I took a queue no. from the counter near the entrance.
My queue no.
Waiting area beside the eatery.
I think the staff will shout out the queue no.
The guy who gave out the queue no will also come out to look for you when your number is due.
I was so amazed that he has a very good memory to recognise who took what no.
Nevertheless, stay alert and keep a lookout for your number in case there are too many customers.
There were about 3 groups of customers ahead of me.
I think I waited about 15mins before my number was called.
This guy in the picture was the one with good memory.

성게미역국 Sea Urchin Seaweed Soup is common in Jeju and also one of my MUST eat in Jeju.
I ordered 전복성게미역국 Abalone Sea Urchin Seaweed Soup becos I love Abalone!
Whenever I come to Jeju, I will eat Abalone to my heart content ^^
Super Yummy!!
This seaweed soup had the clearest soup base I ever had!! 

Very clean and healthy meal!
Not becos I was hungry but this meal was SUPER YUMMILICIOUS!!!
Highly recommended!!
도두봉 Dodubong is just behind the eatery.
It is like a hill.
Eugene told me since I wanted to see cherry blossom, Dodubong is a good choice near the eatery.
I think she said she saw more full blooms a few days ago but no harm trying my luck since I was nearby.
Behind the eatery.
The eatery is really very near to Dodubong.
About 3mins walk to the base of the hill.

1 April 2018 - Spring trip airbnb in Jeju ^^

Back at Jeju once again!!!
Extremely excited and so looking forward to be back again!!
I took a taxi from Jeju airport at 12.33pm and reached my airbnb 마치민박 at 
제주시 내도동 464번지 around 12.45pm. 
Taxi fare was 7100won, with starting fare as 2800won.
Nowadays, when I wanted to come to Jeju, I will want to stay in a more ulu aka "deserted" place becos I love the peaceful feeling so much.

March Minbak 마치민박 ^^
My room at
짱~ ~ ~ ^^ 

The actual room was not as new as what the pictures showed in the airbnb website. 
BUT I love this place!! 
It was well equipped.
I slept very well to the sound of the waves every nite becos I left the sliding door opened slightly.
It was extremely therapeutic ^^

The surroundings was quiet and serene. 
This feeling was something that I could never find in SG.

The host, Eugene was one of the best host I ever come across. 
In fact, she was the best host whom I came across for all my Jeju trips, including my Autumn 2018 trip.
Eugene speaks very fluent English and she told me she learnt English though watching English TV programs/movies!

So amazing!!All the English movies etc she mentioned...ermmm I know none of them hahaha
becos I have stopped watching English and Chinese shows since 21 years old!!

Similar to songs, I have not listen to any English and Chinese songs since 21 years old!
So if you tell me any, just any popular English or Chinese songs, I will not know what you are talking about hahahahaa
Yessss...only K drama and songs in my blood.
Eugene owned the whole building, she has a few rooms but not all with seaview.
 I only wanted a room with seaview c
os that was my intention to stay by the coast ^^

With or without seaview, I noticed Eugene's place including other rooms would be snapped up pretty fast.
Ok back to my room, it was not cold inside the room but if you open the sliding door,
 it will be very cold.

Unlike previous airbnb, whenever I opened the sliding door, I will get big nasty mosquitoes bites.
For Eugene's airbnb, I did not get any mosquitoes bites ^^
Nevertheless, I will still recommend my previous airbnb to my friends despite mosquitoes bites & slow response from host during my stay.
Mainly becos that airbnb is convenient and comes with great seaview ^^

There is no stove for cooking but there is microwave.

Eugene also provides bread, butter and jam!
Cos she told me most of the eateries nearby does not open early for breakfast.
Snack supplies lol
So much of supplies isn't it??
Maybe becos I will be staying for quite a few days?
I checked in on 1 April and checked out on 7 April.
Not enough....
Many friends felt my stay in Jeju is too long.
Nope. Seriously no.
After you stayed and experienced the slow pace living, you will not say I stayed many days.
Look at this.
The road beside Eugene's airbnb building.
So cool and quiet!!
Well, the only shortcoming is, such ulu place tends to get very dark when evening comes.
The street lights are not very bright. 
Left my luggage and off for exploring!!

Sunday, 23 December 2018

14 Nov 2017 - The end of my Autumn trip 2017

Nice weather but my heart felt heavy...
I will be back...
Sometime they provide snacks...sometime they dun..
It would be good if Asiana can standardised...
By now, I am quite familiar with Asiana meals for the route to & fro SG and Seoul lol
Same food...
During my recent Autumn trip 2018, they did not have inflight entertainment for my flight back to SG.
So happened to my friends' flight too when they flew back to SG in Nov 2018.
 I dunno why... but I was sick and having fever so I slept through the journey without any concern of no inflight movies.

14 Nov 2017 - Never ever get tired of this ^^

I make sure that I must have my favourite food before going back to SG.
If not, I will be damn sad...
돈수백 is the nearest place for my must have food, 돼지국밥 in Hongdae.
However, in my recent Autumn trip 2018, I found another good place near my airbnb for 돼지국밥 ^^
Yup...if you have been following me, by now you know I love my pork rice soup this way ~~~
Just few steps away from Hongik Univ Station, exit 8.

13 Nov 2017 - Grilled fish rice set for dinner ^^

진짜시간빠르다 ㅠㅠ
Time last nite...
Came here for my dinner on my last nite...
Located at the basement.

I came here becos I wanted to try this soybean paste stew with blue crab lol

This place is really good for one person meal!

This soup was really good but tooooooo little...not enough for me! Hahahaa

Always see this scene in drama ^^
I also want to feel how it would be like to have someone putting the piece of fish on my rice lol

그녀의밥상 is about 7 mins walk from Hongik Univ Station, exit 9.