Sunday, 3 September 2017

15 April 2017 - 돼지국밥 for breakfast!!

I have been thinking about my 돼지국(pork rice soup) during the entire Italy trip lol. I came to Seomyeon becos the place I wanted to have my 돼지국 had a long queue. I could not wait so I came to my usual spot at Seomyeon for 돼지국 instead. There are a few 돼지국밥 eateries and I tried a different eatery this time.

Craving satisfied!!!
So tempted to have a second bowl!!

Takes about 2 mins from Seomyeong Station, exit 1 to reach 포항돼지국밥.

14 April 2017 - My Airbnb apartment near Busan Station

This was the building where my airbnb apartment was located.
The nearest station was Busan station, exit 1.
I took this picture during the day time but I reached the apartment at around 8.35pm.
My host picked me up in her car somewhere near Busan Station.
I was quite grateful to her for waiting for me and was very surprised when I saw her!
She was actually a Russian who married to a Korean guy.
No wonder she replied in very few words whenever I text her.
Reply was not very fast but good enough.
Well, that was before I checked in.
Communication did not went well after I checked in....
A 24 hour supermart near the building ^^
My host showed me around the place.
I booked this place becos I like Green ^^
I felt very comfortable as I stepped into the apartment.
However, my host came up with something that killed the the amiable relationship which has been built up so far.
She gave me a contract to sign and it was all in Korean.
Obviously, I could not understand the contract.
She told me it was a formality, not by Airbnb and that she would tear it up after my stay.
So to sign or not to sign???
I signed without much choice.
Come to think of it, I should have reported this to Airbnb after my stay.

A double bed in the lower floor and two single mattresses on the upper deck.
This apartment cost lesser than the one I booked in Hongdae.
Love the green!
This stupid hole on the wall right in front of my bed was my nitemare.  This was also the main reason why I will never recommend this apartment to anyone despite the good reviews in the Airbnb website for this host. It happened at around 10.30pm on one of the nites during my stay. I was having my shower when suddenly there was a very loud siren and the security guard was talking very loudly through this hole. It certainly scared the hell out of me. Imagine a siren and voice suddenly came out from nowhere and I did not know what he was talking about. I looked out the fire...nobody was running out of the building. I heard voices along the corridor but I did not open my door to ask.  I checked the volume of the TV.  It was quite soft actually. So what the HELL was going on???!!!!  Till todate I have no idea. I messaged my host to ask what was the security guard talking about and why was there a siren.  She did not reply.  Okie fine, maybe she was sleeping.  My fault. I waited almost 5 mins for her reply but no reply. I called her instead cos the guard was still talking. My host told me to ignore the siren becos she was not sure what was going on. Huh....

Her office was located in the same building, so how could she not know anything about it.  Anyway, the security guard voice came out from that bloody hole on the wall again on the next day. I ignored it and went to sleep becos I did know what he was talking about.  I messaged the host again on my last day of stay but no reply from her at all.  I could not find any excuse for her not to reply.  Hence, that's it.  This host is terrible.

All the basic neccessity you need can be found in the apartment.
I will not recommend this apartment to anyone becos of the terrible experience with the stupid siren and the host seemed not to care much after I checked in. Not forgetting the contract she wanted me to sign. 

14 April 2017 - Real food!!

Left my luggage in my air bnb apartment and rushed out to look for dinner!!
It was a Friday nite at about 9pm and Busan station was so quiet lol

Whenever I passed by Choryang station, it was either around 8am or 9pm and the station always look like this lol
Dinner at 소문난 불백 ^^
Heard that it was a popular eatery for 불백정식  grilled pork slices rice set among the locals.

1 ) 시골밥상 (Sigol Bapsang) - I think it is a meal with a number of side dishes.
2) 불백정식 - Grilled pork slices rice set
3) 오뎅정식 - Odeng rice set
4) 대구탕 - Daegu soup (Fish soup)
5) 돼지찌게 - Pork stew
6) 두부김치 - Toufu Kimchi 

I went upstairs cos the first floor was fully occupied. 
This is what I called real FOOD!!!
불백정식  ^^
Oh my god....This was soooo delicious that I devoured everything withins 10mins!

Took me about 3 mins on foot to reach 소문난 불백 from Choryang Station, exit 3. 

14 April 2017 - Flight OZ562 from Rome to Incheon Airport

Power outlet on Asiana OZ562.
안녕 Italy!! Thank you for the safe and nice trip ^^
Flight back to Incheon Airport was 8.40pm.
Yes!!! Yes!! Finally to my second home!!!
First meal on flight OZ562.
The fish looks very unappetitzing but I did not want the other option, pasta...
The fish actually tasted quite ok, no fishy smell.
I could not stay in Western countries for more than 7 days cos I am a very Asian girl!!
I craved for rice and hot soup lots and I got gastric everytime I came back from Western countries ㅠㅠ
No doubt I can get Asian food in Western countries but nothing beats authentic local Asian food.
Second meal on flight OZ562 and it was pretty good.
I usually eat very little on flight to avoid indigestion.
I reached Incheon airport at about 2.25pm and reached Gimpo airport at 4.15pm.
Where was I heading to???!!
Oh my god....I could feel myself smiling from ear to ear!
I just couldn't hide my happiness as I flew through the sky.
The sky and the air of 대한민국!!!
I am home once again!!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!
Upon reaching Incheon Airport, I dashed off to Gimpo Airport to catch my flight to Busan.
It was about 6.25pm by the time I reached Busan due to flight delay.
That's ok as long as I am here once again!!
It was my first time to reach Korea so late.
I was the only passenger on the limousine bus to Busan Station.

I reached my air bnb apartment at around 8.30pm due to the traffic jam..

4 April 2017 - Transit to Rome at Incheon Airport

Had my first meal while waiting to check into my transit hotel.
Not hungry but I had to eat this cos I knew I will be very deprived of rice and hot soup for the next 9-10 days ㅠㅠ   
Yes, it was a very short trip to Italy because I wanted to spend more time in my second home!
Actually, I could also make do with a nap at the transit lounge but I think I can sleep better on a bed than on a chair. I booked the transit hotel instead of the new capsule hotel as recommended in the email. I still have not figure out why but this is the email reply ( 


Thank you for your request. 

The double shower room has hair dryer.
With below information that you gave us,we can make a reservation.
But, before I make a reservaiton, I want to inform you about the transit hotel as it seems to be you are transferring at the Incheon Airport between flights.

If you are arriving by the flight, and transferring to other flight, I recommend you to take a room at the Transit hotel. As the hotel is located in the duty free area, you do not need to pass the immigration. Please send us e-mail back and let us know which hotel is better for your staying. 

Thank you.

This is the rate shown on the Capsule Hotel's website.

Reply for Capsule Hotel's room rates:
Thank you for your email.
If you check in before 07:30am, you need to pay for minimum 2 blocks charges.
That is krw133,100won and krw55,000won is excluded tax and service charge.
Also, we have only 2 type of standard room, double room(1 double bed) and twin room( two single beds).
If you would like to make a reservation, we would like to require all the details as below,
Name : 
Check in :
Check out :
Arriving flight No. & Time :
Departure flight No. & Time :
Duration hours :
Room type :
Room Count:
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
Have a good day.
I quickly showered, applied my facial care and took a 3 hour nap.

TV was very distracting as it happened that Yong Hwa was on a variety show ㅋㅋㅋ
My economy class inflight meal on Asiana OZ561 to Leonardo Da Vinci (Rome).
The chicken looks so bland and unappetizing but it tasted quite good.
Ear plugs and sleep masks are issued to passengers who are sitting near the toilets ^^
All passengers are given disposable slippers.
대한민국, 기다려!!! 난 곧 돌아올거야!!!