Sunday, 19 June 2022

4 April 2022 - 반포천 연분홍벚꽃터널 Banpocheon Light Pink Cherry Blossom Tunnel

Last stop for the day was Dongjak Station, exit 1 to check out the cherry blossom situation.
There's an easy walking trail from Dongjak Station exit 1 to Express Bus Terminal Station, 5.
I started my leisure walk at 4.10pm.
My first time here ^^
Passed by this residential area and saw lots of full bloom cherry blossom!!
The flowers along the walking trail have yet to bloom but the ones at the residential compound have fully bloomed!
It feels like nobody is staying here..
Back on the walking trail.
Seems like the cherry blossom near the Express Bus Terminal station, exit 5 have bloomed.
I miss you so much cherry blossom!!!
I reached here at 4.49pm. 
Took me about 39mins for 3328 steps.

4 April 2022 - Digesting my heavy lunch at Seoul Forest 서울숲

Checking out the cherry blossom situation at Seoul Forest to digest my heavy lunch.
That spot never disappoint me.
Yup this spot.
Ok, time to move on to the next stop. Dongjak Station.