Monday, 27 August 2018

9 Nov 2017 - Grilled eels for dinner with 재영

Meeting 재영 for dinner and I told him I wanna eat grilled eels 장어구이.
 I think he chose a great place becos the eels were already ready for grilling.  

You dun see the slaughtering done in front of you. 
You know some places have open concept kitchen to show you their ingredients are fresh.
I could not bring myself to eat if I have to witness how the eels were slaughtered....
This was the place and they have Korean beef for bbq too.

This is what I meant.
The price of the eels are stated on the stickers.
We ordered a pack with three eels.
2 plain ones and 1 with sauce (양념).
I heard 재영 mentioned to the 아줌마, 
소금(salted) for the plain ones but they were not salty at all.
He would not let me see the price but I managed to catch a glimpse of the price.
 I think it was not more than 70000 won.
The 아줌마 sliced and grilled the eels slightly before bringing them out for us to grill further.

Any idea what is this??
재영 told me these were the spines of the eels!
So shocked to hear that.
된장찌게 at 3000 won.
I think they get burnt easily but 재영 was pretty good in bbq lol Korea drama, you will always hear that the tail of the eel is good for the guys.
Is that really true???
I don't believe lol
This was sooooo delicious!!
재영 taught me to eat with the ginger slices and sauce.
Omgggg....I cannot forget the taste.
This was the first time I had ginger in Korean food (excluding those ginger for marinates).
I did not know Koreans eat this with ginger.
When 재영 told me 3 pieces of eels were actually not a lot and he was very very right!!

Personally, I prefer the plain ones to the one with sauce.
About 5 mins walk from Jamsilsaenae Station, exit 4 to the restaurant.
I will be back!

Sunday, 26 August 2018

9 Nov 2017 - Yummillicious 매운멸치 주먹밥

So excited to see this at Hongik Univ Station!!
Decided to get one to fill my stomach since my dinner with 재영 is still two hours away ^^
So hard to decide...I finally settled on 매운멸치 주먹밥 Spicy anchovy rice ball. the thought of the taste!!
I could taste pine nuts, anchovies, seaweed and sesame oil!
This was so damn good!!

9 Nov 2017 - At Deoksugung Palace’s Stone Wall Road

Came to Deoksugung Palace’s Stone Wall Road cos I heard it is a must place to visit in Autumn.
This was what I saw when I reached here.  
Too many embroidery and decided to post some of them.

I am not sure why there were so many of those white and blue fences, whatever you call that but they really spoil the ambience here.
All ready for Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter!

귀엽다 ^^
Actually, I was quite disappointed becos I thought this place would be lined with yellow/red foliage but the place felt rather messy...
Maybe majority of the leaves had fallen during the period I was there??

9 Nov 2017 - Felt cheated....

So yummilicious looking right???
I was drawn to this flatbread whenever I passed by DunkinDonuts so I decided to have this for breakfast today.
Wa raooooo......what a turn off man.....
The bread was not toasted like what was shown in the poster....
The filling was so little that I felt I was just eating the carbohydrates.
Really a waste of calories.
My caramel macchiato was more worth the calories :(

8 Nov 2017 - Satisfying dinner at 고집

Back to 고집 for late dinner.  
The last time I came here was in 2014. 
How time flies...
Previously I ordered the first item on the menu, 돼지 연탄구이백반 Grilled Pork Rice Set.
This time I think I ordered the second item on the menu, 고추장 연탄구이백반 Spicy Grilled Pork Rice Set 7000 won.

너무 맛있어!
It was so delicious!!

Errrr........why like that.... 真倒胃口.....
It is about 8 mins walk from Hongik Univ Station, exit 9 to 고집.

8 Nov 2017 - A quick glimpse of Seoul at nite from 서울로 7017

Decided to drop by Seoullo 7017 before dinner.
Yup. Seoul Station, exit 2.
There are many other ways/station exits to get to Seoullo. 
The old Seoul Station and the existing Seoul Station at the back.

You can get up to Seoullo 7017 either using that spiral staircase or a lift which is right beside the staircase (not shown in this picture)
It was very cold but it felt good to be here.
I think I saw quite a number of reviews that the plants are withering and very unsightly.
Well, it did not affect me since it was too dark to see the withering plants lol

I did not complete the entire stretch of Seoullo of course.
I only came here to have a feel of the place.
I do not know about you but I think the night view was quite nice.
I will come back again to take a longer walk when given the chance ^^

8 Nov 2017 - Tea break at 소나 카페 Sona fine dessert cafe

Decided to come here to take a rest from shopping.

I came here for the Champaign Sugar Ball becos it is the most popular item on the menu.
Popular maybe becos it is pretty??

Was so disappointed when the staff told me that the last Campaign Sugar Ball was taken by a group of Japanese ladies who sat next to me....
So disappointed....
The three ladies ordered three Champaign Sugar Balls....sobs...why don't they share??
I guess it goes to show that this Champaign Sugar Ball is really well received by ladies.
Here's a blog to show you how the Champaign Sugar Ball looks like.
This was ok....but common.....You know what I mean?

It is about 10 mins walk from Sinsa Station, exit 8 to Sona cafe.
You can also get to the cafe from the main street of Garosu-gil (which is indicated by the red dotted line).