Sunday, 26 May 2019

2 April 2018 - My beloved 돼지고기국수 ^^

Introduced by my airbnb host, Eugene.
Goodness...I saw the queue from far as I approached the eatery.
It was 4.55pm when I reached here.
Go inside to order and you will be given a no.
My no was 16.

Open at 9am.
I think it was saying last order is at 8.10pm???
Please feel free to correct me.

They called my no. in Korean and I was seated inside at 5.24pm.
My super super love!!
고기국수 Noodle with pork soup 7000won ^^
Noodle was good!
Meat was good!
Soup was good!
The only lacking was the soup.
 It was warm not hot.
I preferred piping hot soup hahahahah
I was actually contemplating for a 2nd bowl Hahahahhaha

2 April 2018 - Walking around Jeju bus terminal and stadium for cherry blossoms

From 유재덕의산양산삼해물라면, I walked out to the main road to take a bus to Jeju bus terminal.
Cross the road to take bus no. 202

I took bus 202 at 12.55pm and reached Jeju bus terminal at 1.33pm.
Came here becos I heard cherry blossoms could be seen near the bus terminal and around the stadium.
I simply walked around the place for sights of the flowers ^^
My heart skipped a beat whenever I see cherry blossoms ^^

The flowers have dropped quite a fair bit but it was still a beautiful sight ^^

Too many almost similar pictures but I cherished these moments lots...

I didn't plan the colors lol

I sat under these canopies of cherry blossoms for quite a while.
Didn't feel like moving at all.
It was so nice and relaxing to be here ^^

Around the stadium.