Tuesday, 20 June 2017

22 Nov 2016 - Kimbap for brunch!

Finally, I got my chance to come here ^^ 
                                                             매운 제육쌈 김밥
                                                      I ordered spicy pork kimbap ^^
This was really good! 
Nearest subway for the outlet in Hongdae is Hongik Univ Sttaion, exit 9.
Located along the main road, on the 2nd level of the building.  

22 Nov 2016 - Cheap persimmons

My favorite winter fruit!
Saw this at a shop selling veggies and fruits near my Air Bnb apartment.
So cheap right??
1 pack contained 5 persimmons for only 1000 won.

They tasted the same as those sold in Sheng Siong lol
The same packaging were sold in Sheng Siong and cost less than SGD $3,  
so I think you don't have to carry this back to SG  ㅋㅋㅋ

21 Nov 2016 - Spray Wax

Saw this in Homeplus and I thought this was quite interesting lol
First time to see spray wax but I didn't try it though.

Monday, 19 June 2017

21 Nov 2016 - Best Donkatsu I ever ate ^^


Their Donburi (Katsudong) looks like a popular item on the menu but I still chose my favorite Donkatsu ^^

Yummy ^^

This got to be the best donkatsu I have ever ate!
This set was very filling but I still want to finish it ^^
The rice was so so nice too hahahahah!!
Nearest station is Edae Station(Aka Ewha Womans University Station), exit 1 or 2.
Not sure if this outlet is still there a not since my post came quite late lol
I think they have another outlet in Myeongdong.

21 Nov 2016 - Delicious Korean Bean Sprout Soup with rice in Hongdae


I saw the next table ordered the fried chicken 고추닭튀김 (9000 won).
Gosh I can still remembered those delicious looking fried chicken till now!
It may be a little bit spicy I think.
So many eggs ㅋㅋㅋ 
I ordered 사장님국밥 8,000 won and 모주 Moju 2000 won.  Moju is a sweet and mild liquor and its said to go well with 콩나물국밥 Kongnamul Gukbap.  Not bad I like the taste ^^ The soup was very refreshing and tasty too!

Nearest subway is Hapjeong Station, exit 3.
Took me about 5-10 mins to reach the eatery.
Opening hours : 11am-10pm

21 Nov 2016 - One of my favorite cafe ^^

Took a lot of pictures in this cafe but I lost most of them ㅠㅠ
Thank god I still have this ....
This cafe does not have much food on its menu, only maybe a limited choices of cakes.
Nevertheless, I really like the ambience here ^^
완전 딱 내 스타일!!
I think this cafe is also the filming locations in some dramas, including Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo ^^
Nearest subway station is Sangsu station, exit 2. 
About 5 mins walk from exit 2 to reach the cafe.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

20 Nov 2016 - Fried chicken from 맘스터치

Fried chicken at 9.30pm!
First time to have my dinner at this hour ㅠㅠ
So happy to stumble upon Mom's Touch outside Hongdae University!
I still prefer Mom's Touch to Lotteria especially their burgers.
This 4 pcs fried chicken with fries cost 4500 won.
Plastic gloves provided ^^ 

20 Nov 2016 - Yummy Kalguksu for lunch!

 I took the subway to Dongincheon station, exit 7 for my lunch at 맷돌칼국수.
There is a linkway/underpass from the station that connects to exit 7. 

Walk straight along the main road from Dongincheon station, exit 7 and you will see Sinpo International Market 신포국제시장 on your right.  I think I took about 5-10 mins to reach here. Enter the market and walked straight through it.

I saw a long queue on both sides of the street as I entered the market. The 2 queues were for Dakgangjeong (Korean crispy fried chicken coated in a sweet and spicy sauce). Well, I did not join the queue cos the smallest serving of chicken was also too much for me lol. 

Rotiboy still exists!

The eatery is located in the mist of some some alleys.
I went round the alleys for a few times before I found the eatery.
I entered from this alley .
Saw the signage "세계맥주 Gangster" on the top right?
I used that as my landmark. 

At last I found it.
There was another 1 or maybe 2 eateries nearby selling 칼국수Kalguksu as well.

Told myself I must find it so that I can strike it out on my wish list!
Yay I found it!!!

I was attracted to this place becos it feels rather old school.

Yes! I finally see you ^^
This was so yummy and cheap!!  Only 4500 won ^^
This Kalguksu was a favorite among the locals.
The main reason why I wanted to come here was becos of the toppings.
Any guess to what is it?
If I am not wrong, it was those crispy bits of fried chicken lol

Click here for MAP .

The nearest subway station is Sinpo Station, exit 3 but I came from Dongincheon station, exit 7. Sinpo International Market 신포국제시장 is circled in red.

Monday, 12 June 2017

20 Nov 2016 - No more heartshape choco ㅠㅠ

Made my way to Central Park Station and was trying to locate exit 4. 
Oh! Supposed to be exit 4 but I think exit 4 no longer exist and has been replaced by exit 3.
From exit 3, I walked towards Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel.
Oh where was I heading to??
달콤커피  Dalkomm Café(Songdo Outlet).
Many of you would have come to check out this cafe already lol
I walked through the park.
My direction from Central Park Station, exit 3 as shown by the arrows.
Just before crossing the road, you can see the Sheraton hotel on your right.
You will reach this bakery after crossing the road.
 Dalkomm Café is just few steps away as shown by the arrows.
I think it took me about 10-15mins from exit 3 to reach here.

It was a great blow to me when I saw they replaced the heart shaped choco with these choco cubes...arghhhh...
I came here all the way for the 송송초코 Song Song Choco!!
Damn disappointed....
Anyway, since I came all the way I will just order the Song Song Choco with the choco cube instead ㅠㅠ

Purposely find one seat to see and and feel them >_<