Sunday, 30 September 2018

10 Nov 2017 - Just a very normal toufu stew for dinner...

Dinner at 소공동뚝배기 located at Mecenatpolis Mall.
This place specialized in Sundubu 순두부 and I like 순두부 ^^
Another reason why I came here for dinner was becos I was going to watch 미스터 쇼 at 8pm.
Yeap.  Mr Show for the second time hahahha
My friends commented that I am being pervert to watch the performance for a second time.
I think that is a typical judgement until you catch the performance.
The guys are very professional and I find the whole performance really entertaining.
If your mindset is pervert than no matter what you do, you will not think straight.
Anyway, I will be going for the performance for the third time in my upcoming trip in Nov cos I am bringing my friends to watch it. 

얼큰해물순두부 Spicy Toufu Stew with seafood.
The egg lol
Sundubu without the egg does not feel like sundubu to me hahaha
Yup the runny yolk ^^
소공동뚝배기 is located inside Mecenatpolis Mall on the ground floor.
 It tasted ok to me but I dun think I will go back again cos it is just normal sundubu to me.
소공동뚝배기 is located inside this 맛있는거리 (Delicious Street) where there were some other restaurants. delicious I dunno...
To me, these colorful umbrellas are like the trademark of Mecenatpolis Mall ㅋㅋㅋ
Cos they were always there since years ago.
And they were always so bright and colorful!
This was so important to compensate for my very normal dinner lol
소맥와스팸 ^^
They certainly completed my nite!

10 Nov 2017 - 헤이리마을, Cafe Between

Chanced upon this cafe and decided to go in cos I think it appeared in a few drama before! lol

The first floor.

I went up to the second floor for the terrace seat lol


Although it was cold but I still wanna sit outside hahahah
The staff gave me a blanket ^^

My Camembert cheese cake with coffee set ^^ 
It started to rain as I was leaving the cafe, so I decided to go back instead of continuing my trip to the Provence Village 프로방스 마을.

10 Nov 2017 - Just walking around

Came to Hapjeong Station, exit 1 to take the bus to Heyri Art Valley.
Bus 2200 arrived at 11.25am

I reached the bus stop at 12.09pm.
I forgot the name of the bus stop that I got off but there was announcement of the bus stop in English.

Gloomy sky.
I did not really have any special place to check out. Just walking around.
Came here a few years ago with 재 but did not really explore the place by then.

Whenever I research about this place, I always cannot find much interesting spots that could make me travel all the way here.
Fortunately, I stayed in Hongdae which was considered not far from here.
Anyway, it was indeed a very quiet place lol

I was too full to check out this place ㅠㅠ
Went inside this place where you can see all the old time stuff.
Well, there are always this kind of shops around..

Cute but didn't try it though.

Old time candies

Buy this and grill it on the spot ^^
Yup, I saw some Koreans grilling their cuttlefish here.
The aroma was really tempting lol

There was a stall selling 분식 such as dosirak, udon, ramyeon etc.
Old records