Thursday, 31 October 2013

6 Oct 2013 - Getting to 안동하회마을 Andong Hahoe Village

Board bus no.46 at 11.14 am and reach the ticket office at 11.39am.
As shown by the red arrow, that is where you purchase your ticket to 안동하회마을 Andong Hahoe Folk Village. On the right of this picture is Haho Mask Museum but its not shown here.

Admission ticket was KRW3000.

There is a Tourist Information Centre in front of the ticket office. The red arrow is where you can take the shuttle bus to the village. There will be somebody at the orange shelter to check your ticket.  Another alternative to reach the village is by foot and direction as shown by the blue arrow.  Simply walk straight all the way.

Return trip for the shuttle bus as shown by the red arrow.
Shuttle bus runs at frequent intervals but I am not sure whether this is due to the mask festival.

무료셔틀버스 means free shuttle bus.
It would be good if they can have English translation for this. 

I got on the shuttle bus at 11.51am and reach the village entrance at 11.53am.
Just follow the crowd if you are not sure which direction to go from here.

However, it may not always be correct to follow the crowd...
Many people went up to this counter, so I followed suit but only to realise that this is an Information Centre 하회마을종합안내소. Nope. There is no need to buy ticket anymore.

The black line shows the route that I took.
부용대 Buyongdae cliff(circled in Blue) is opposite the Hahoe Village.
There are two bus stops here.
 The one circled in Pink is the stop that I got off from the shuttle bus.
The other one circled in Purple is inside the village.
I think that is the bus stop where you take bus no. 46 to the Festive Site.

The weather forecast said that there will be light rain in Andong for the day...

What's that?  It looks fun!

Oh! Its an electric bicycle.
Hmm....But why do they call it "Electric Tri-Funny"???

I wonder do they need an ID card to rent this, just like renting a bicycle. You may want to rent this electric bicycle here if you are interested, becos I did not see another station to rent these electric bicycle in the village.

I was sooooooooo tempted to try this!!!!
but I didn't....

I'm sure they looked fabulous in Summer.

It was hard to capture a picture with nobody in the background...
I waited long to take this picture...

Despite the gloomy weather, it felt so so good to be here ^^

I decided to check out the 부용대 Buyongdae cliff first.

Saw some residences along the way.


As gloomy as the sky...

They look so inviting! 

They are also making their way to the ferry to reach the Buyongdae cliff.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

6 Oct 2013 - Locating bus stop for bus no. 46 at 안동 버스 터미널

Arrived at Andong Bus Terminal at 10.16am.

First impression of the bus terminal?

I did not expect Andong Bus Terminal to be so modernise becos my impression of Andong was the Hahoe Folk Village!  I'm sorry. Pardon me for being so ignorant...

This exit is facing the bus stops and carpark. Let's call it exit A.

I thought this is cute. 

You can find Paris Baguette, local specialty shop and eateries including Lotteria here.

The bus terminal is very clean.

This exit is opposite the ticket counter.
Let's call this exit B.
Taxi stand is right outside.

Plenty of taxi.
Past the taxi stand and you will see a zebra crossing.
Cross the road.

If you exit the bus terminal from exit A, you will see this zebra crossing right away. If you take exit B, you will see the taxi stand first. The red arrow is pointing to the Tourist Information Centre. The yellow arrow is pointing to the bus stop, where I will be taking my bus no. 46 to Andong Hahoe Village 안동하회마을.

This is the bus stop.  

There are a few other bus stops here but its easy to identify which is the one for you.

The lady at the Information Centre told me that the next bus no. 46 will arrive at 11.10am ㅠㅠ
I wanted to experience the bus ride and tried not to take the taxi even though it will save a lot of time.

*Take note of this time table to plan your return trip.

For anyone who needs it...

This is the information on the festive site. Bus no. 46 also goes to the festive site. I came for the festival but I will only visit the festive site if time permits. I thought of visiting 안동 구 시장 Andong gu market and even 월영교 Woryeonggyo Bridge. Well, eventually I did not managed to check out these two places...

I was surprised but proud when I saw this.
What kind of mask do we have?

Bus no. 46 arrived at 11.14am.
I used my T money to pay for the bus fare and the fare was KRW1100.

I think it will be KRW1200 if you use cash.

Announcement of current and next stop is available in Korean and English ^^