Thursday, 28 May 2015

6 April 2015 - I'll be back, Busan!!

It was drizzling when I checked out the hotel, so I decided to call for a taxi to the airport. Yeah, I didn't want to wait in the rain for the airport limousine bus becos there's no shelter at the bus stop. The hotel helped me to call for the taxi and I got on the taxi at 9.45am. Starting fare was 2800won. I forgotten to tell the taxi driver that I wanted to go to the Domestic Airport and he dropped me off at the International Airport at 10.08am. The fare was 13600 won. Fortunately, the Domestic Airport was next to the International Airport. About 4 mins walk. 
By the way, the taxi passed by this yellow patch of field on our way to Gimhae Airport. I asked the taxi driver if this is 대저생태공원 Daejeo Ecological Park. He replied,"예." I have always wanted to check out Nakdong River Rapeseed Flower Festival but didn't manage to. This will be the reason for me to be back again in Busan!!
My breakfast at Gimhae airport.
Seoul, here I come!!

5 April 2015 - Street food for dinner

I spent my afternoon shopping at Gwangbok-dong Cultural & Fashion Street 광복로문화패션거리. I enjoyed shopping here especially at those small local designers' shops which are not located on the main street. Shopping here has been much joy as well as a disaster to my pocket in less than 45 mins....
Wanted to try eating here but somehow I didn't cos I forgot to!!!  왜??
I will be back again to eat here!!
*angry with myself*
Met up with my two friends for some street food. I love all the above especially the sausage and hotteok. I cannot leave Busan without eating my favourite local seed hotteok lol  The cheese corn was nice for me but not to my friends kekeke
Missing Busan badly as I type this post ㅠㅠ

5 April 2015 - Lunch at 쁘띠갸또 Le Petit Gateau

I took the subway to Nampo station for my lunch.
Stumbled upon this cafe, 쁘띠갸또 Le Petit Gateau 
as I looked up ㅋㅋㅋ

The place was actually packed but I waited for the right moment to snap my pictures lol

Yeah!  I love Tarte Tatin 타르트타탱 a lot!!
I ordered the Jasmine Tea too....
Much regret as its like drinking plain water.

Nearest subway station is Nampo station, exit 1.

5 April 2015 - Quiet and peaceful moments at Nakdong riverside

Actually I wanted to make a trip to 대저생태공원 Daejeo Ecological Park for some rapeflowers but I changed my mind and decided to check out another place. Remember the stretch of cherry blossom outside Seobu Bus Terminal?  Yup. I took the subway to Gwaebeop Renecite Station, exit 1. From exit 1, I turned to my left.
Cross this bridge, 강변나들교.
Wooo....Here I last ^^
Let me check out what's further down the road before taking a stroll under the canopy of cherry blossoms!
Niceee ^^

So surprise to see this!
I think this should be the Samnak Ecological Park Camp Ground.
Koreans love camping and this was my first time to see the real thing.
I mean those big tents cos the ones I usually see was small ones lol

Its so peaceful and relaxing here ^^
Nice & peaceful
Is this the Nakdong Riverside?
Ok, its time to head back and check out the pink canopy ^^

I waited a long time just to capture these pictures with as little people as possible in the background!!
So even if the pictures are almost similar, I still wanna upload here!!

I don't agreed to this.
The guy was shaking the tree with all his might in order to take a romantic picture of him with the falling petals ㅠㅠ

Sunday, 24 May 2015

5 April 2015 - Mom's Touch 맘스터치

My morning starts with breakfast or rather brunch at Mom's Touch 맘스터치 ^^
Have wanted to try out Mom's Touch for so long and finally I got the chance!
The unique wrapping left a deep impression in me.
My Canju mango sauce fried chicken burger!
Super tasty and juicy chicken!!

The burger at Mom's Touch tasted so much better than the burgers from Lotteria!! We came here again at night for supper after my friends heard me raving about its burger. We saw people eating fried chicken which looked so damn delicious! Please try Mom's Touch if you come across it. I think Mom's Touch has outlets in Seoul as well but I don't really notice them.
I think they opened around 10.30am??
They do not have a breakfast menu. 

BTW, this outlet is about 2 mins walk from Angel Hotel.

4 April 2015 - Yummilicious dinner!

Dinner time at 닭치누!
I couldn't find the map for this place but it was about 3 mins walk from Angel hotel.
Didn't expect it to be fried chicken but this looks really good! Menu in Korean. So sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the menu but I think this was the first dish on the menu.
So cheesy ㅋㅋㅋ
This fried rice was so damn good!!
Super pleased with our dinner!
Try this place if you happen to see it ^^

4 April 2015 - Tea break at 첼시 카페 Chelsea Cafe

We decided to have a tea break in this cafe.

We preferred outdoor seating to indoor seating.
Indoor seating.

I loved my rose tea ^^
We thought black sesame cake sounds unique but actually it tasted normal.
Dry and nothing fantastic...

4 April 2015 - Mission failed ㅠㅠ

After lunch, we walked towards to our next destination, 달맞이길 Dalmaji-gil for some cherry blossoms. It was so darn freaking cold to walk past the beach and the sky looked gloomy. Hoped it does not rain...
Making our way to 달맞이길 Dalmaji-gil and stumbled upon something as shown by the arrow.
We stumbled upon this abandoned railway track ^^
Nice discovery lol

We decided not to continue walking along the railway track but to take a shortcut via a dirty stairway up(right side but not shown here)

Haeundae beach on the far right hand side.
Pretty cherry blossoms lining up the road ^^

We saw some walking trail (as shown by the yellow) and decided to check it out.

It started to drizzle and we decided to get out of here...

That's the railway track we saw earlier on!!
We decided to turn back as it started raining heavily..
So sad that we had to turn back ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ