Monday, 30 January 2017

17 Nov 2016 - Mid nite snack

Mid nite snack with plum wine.
I like this wine, nice ^^
The dried fish was a good snack to go with the wine.
After I bought the fish snack from Emart, I asked my Korean friend how to eat it lol
She told me Koreans like to eat it with alcohol.
There were spicy and non spicy flavours.
I bought the spicy flavour. 

17 Nov 2016 - Dinner at 센불닭

I was super hungry and decided to come here for dinner.
Hope I get to eat what I wanted ㅋㅋㅋ
The waitress encouraged me to take those dishes for single portion but I was quite determined to have this set cos they had everything I wanted to eat lol I asked her if I can order this set and she said ok. Some places dun allow you to order sets that can be consumed by 2 people if you are alone. Since I can order this set, I ordered without second thought!! I think this set can be shared by 2 people. I paid 23000 won inclusive of the cheese I have requested for my spicy chicken. 
You got to quickly eat once its served cos the cheese hardened when it cools down. I did not really fancy the spicy chicken much cos it had a meat smell if you know what I meant.
This can hardly go wrong ^^
This got to be my favourite among all ^^
Sooooo niceeeee!!1
Nearest subway station is Hongik Univ Station, exit 8.
Takes about 6 mins walk.

17 Nov 2016 - SJ Ramyeon

I was lost for words when I saw this at Emart...

17 Nov 2016 - Trip to 아산 외암민속마을 Oeam Folk Village

This is the entrance of Oeam Folk Village.  I got on a taxi from Ginkgo Avenue 은행나무 at 1.10pm to come here. Starting fare was 2800 won. Reached here at 1.26pm and the taxi fare was 10000 won.  I requested the ticket operator to help me call a taxi for my return trip cos it was very hard to get a taxi even when I walked out to the main road to flag for one. 

My entrance fees was 2000 won.

Eh....I decided to come here after I saw some pictures of this bridge hahahhahhaha 

First time to come across one that is within reach lol

School excursions

I took less than 2 hours to explore the place.
Nothing much to see.
I think all the folk villages are about the same lol 
The taxi ride from the folk village to Onyangoncheon station took about 10mins.
The taxi fare was about 8000 won.
I reached Onyangoncheon station at around 3.15pm. My train ticket shows that the Mugunghwa train from Asan station will depart at 3.59pm. I took the Mugunghwa train from Seoul station to Asan and took the subway from Asan to Onyangoncheon station when I come here.  So I thought I should do the same by taking the subway back to Asan station in order to take the Mugunghwa train to Yongsan station. There was a staff in uniform standing near the escalator to the platform.  I showed her my ticket and she told me I was in the correct direction to the platform back to Yongsan station. 
The screen also show that this was the platform for train to Yongsan station.  Actually, I was confused becos even though I was supposed to take train from Asan station to Yongsan station, I had a feeling that I need not change to another train when I reach Asan station.  Time passed by.  I got a bit worried as I waited cos there was no train at all.
At last, a train arrived at 3.50pm!! When I got on the train, I looked for my seat according to my ticket. To my surprise, there was somebody sitting at my designated seat. Oh dear, should I approach the person?? I do not want to stand all the way to Yongsan station when I have already paid for the ticket! Suddenly, I remembered that I got on the train at Onyangoncheon Station and not Asan station. True enough, the person sitting on my seat got off the train at Asan station. I decided that I should be on the right train to Yongsan station and did not get off the train. It was 4pm when the train reached Asan station.  It was definitely an experience although I am still not sure why I can take the Mugunghwa train from Onyang Oncheon Station lol

Monday, 2 January 2017

17 Nov 2016 - Ginkgo Avenue 은행나무길

I took the Nuriro train from Seoul station to Asan station. Thereafter, I changed to the subway to Onyang Oncheon Station 온양온천역. From Onyang Oncheon Station, I took a taxi to the Ginkgo Avenue 은행나무. I got on the taxi at 11.27am. The starting fare was 2800 won. Reached the Ginkgo Avenue at 11.35am and the taxi fare was 4200 won.

It was exactly what I saw from the pictures ^^
I was glad that I brought forward this trip which was supposed to be a few days later. The Ginkgo Avenue was quite a long stretch but majority of the trees were bare by the time I reached. Well at least, I still managed to catch a bit of the yellow leaves. One should come at least 1-2 weeks earlier to catch the yellow leaves!
What was left.
I think I was still lucky though.

The weather was good.
Cold yet,bright and sunny.
It was the warmest day during my entire trip.

Time to proceed to the next destination, 아산 외암민속마을 Oeam Folk Village.
My initial plan was to Hyeonchungsa Shrine 현충사 from here but I decided to go to the folk village instead.
Although majority of the trees were bare, I was still very happy to be here.

A very nice place ^^
I will come here again if I have the chance.
At least 1-2 weeks earlier lol