Sunday, 28 May 2017

19 Nov 2016 - A neighbourhood that I love so much

Spending my Saturday afternoon in this lovely neighbourhood, Yeonnam dong 연남동 ^^

A very small flea market.

My dinner, 고추장불백정식 spicy pork rice set at 미나리식당 Mirari Sikdang
So surprised to stumble upon this eatery here! I saw the long queue in Hongdae few days ago and gave up waiting. There was no queue here at the Yeonnam dong outlet, so why not! 미나리식당 Mirari sikdang offers affortable and delicious rice set(백 반)Their popular items among locals seemed to be the grilled pork rice set (7000won) and spicy pork rice set (7000won). I think they have English menu, you can try asking for one. Check out this blog. 
Nearest subway station to Yeonnam dong and 미나리식당 Mirari Sikdang (depicted by the blue marker) is Hongik Univ Station, exit 3.
Dongjin Market 동진시장 is circled in red.
Those apartments that you saw in my posts are located along the blue line.  

I finally join the queue hahahaha
Took me so long to get this cos I am no fan of Tiramisu.
Nothing special but it certainly helped in my cravings for dessert!

19 Nov 2017 - My motivation at work

Bought Gongcha becos I wanted his poster ㅋㅋㅋ
 Long hour at work sucks.
He is my motivator at work. 

19 Nov 2016 - Breakfast in Sinchon

아침 식사 ^^
Dwaeji gukbap 돼지국밥 my all time favorite!!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

18 Nov 2016 - Seoul Lantern Festival 2016

After a hearty dinner, I made my way to check out the Seoul Lantern Festival which was nearby.

Ending the nite with this.
 I bought a lot of this Yogurt Almond back to SG.
Available in small and big packets.
The small packet makes a very good souvenir ^^
My family and colleagues love it!
The packaging changed when I was back at my second home recently but they tasted the same.
Wasabi and honey flavor are easily available in SG but not the Yogurt flavor ^^
It could also be Yakult flavour and it taste the same as yogurt flavor.
So far, I only found them in certain mini marts and convenience stores.

(Yakult Almonds!!  I saw this at NTUC Finest today - 10/6/17!!!  
The packaging is the latest packaging. I think its $9.30 per pack.  I also saw the small packets in a Korean mart. Think its about $2++ per pack)
Super of Yogurt Almond with Apple flavour Makgeolli.
Personally, I find the Apple flavor Makgeolli tasted really awful...

Sunday, 14 May 2017

18 Nov 2016 - Delicious gamjatang at Gwanghwamun

I was searching for some local favorites in Gwanghwamun area and this place seems to be a hot spot for many locals.
This was good! But my favorite is still 영동감자탕.
I wonder if they are still in business.
I think I must go back in my next trip cos I miss the taste so much!
Easy to access and it took me about 5 mins to walk from Gwanghwamun Station, exit 1 to reach here.

18 Nov 2016 - Yummy lunch

Wanted to have lunch at 송정식당 becos it was a popular eatery for 불고기백반 Bulgogi set among the locals but the man who was grilling the pork slices told me something like a minimum of 2 persons is required. I am not sure if I heard him correctly a not but I was so disappointed.  Anyway, I walked on as shown by the purple arrow.
Although I didn't have a chance to dine here, but I took a peek of the interior.
The place was packed.
The narrow alley led me to here where I had lunch at a random eatery.
I saw several eateries selling bulgogi and grilled fish along the alley but I decided to have my lunch at this eatery. 

Yes. I still want my 불고기백반 Bulgogi set.
I always love it whenever steamed egg or egg roll omelette is included in the set ^^
Very yummy lunch!! Everything was so yummy!!
  I was disappointed that I could not have my Bulgogi set at 송정식당 but not anymore ^^
송정식당 is the one circled in Orange. I could not remember the exact location where I had my lunch but I think it was somewhere in that area circled in Red. Nearest subway station is Dongdaemun station exit 9.

18 Nov 2016 - Exploring

Making my way back to Gyeongbokgung Station.

Hyejin and Hari's house in "She was pretty 그녀는 예뻤다".
Came here cos it was nearby. 

So happy to see this in the shop!  ^^
Yes, I passed by Tongin Market 통인시장
I did not watch the drama though.

I highly recommend a walk back to the subway station for the return trip though my pictures did not show much of the neighborhood.