Sunday, 28 June 2015

10 April 2015 - Dinner at James Cheese Back Ribs

We took the subway to Myeongdong for dinner at James Cheese Back Ribs,
At level 2.
There were 3 of us. 
We ordered a fried rice and ribs for portions for 2 people.
Had been hearing so much about this ribs with cheese dish for the past 1 year.
Finally, I decided to try it. 
I think it really depends on individual preferences. I don't like the taste. Its not that its aweful. Its not that its a poor combination of ribs with cheese but I never like such marinated taste of the ribs.  The cheese with corns were nice though hahaha Oh well, no regrets but I will only try it once and glad that at least I have tried it ^^ I knew many people love this but not the three of us lol
We were pretty entertained by how the waitress whipped up our fried rice ^^
However, the fried rice turned out to be a little disappointing cos it was too wet after she mixed in the egg ㅠㅠ

10 April 2015 - Cherry Blossoms at Ansan, Seodaemun district

I met up with my friends to take the bus to Ansan.
The bus stop is in front of this GS25.
Name of this bus stop in front of GS25 is "동교동삼거리 Donggyodong Samgeori".
That's the GS25 (circled in red) .
There are 3 buses from this bus stop to Ansan.
Bus 153.
Bus 110A.
Bus 7720.
Name of bus stop announced in Korean..
and in English.
We got on bus 110A at 11.40am and got off at Seodaemun District Office and Health Center Bus Stop (서대문구청 서대문보건소 정류장) at 11.54am.

With your back facing the road, turn to your left and walk straight.
And you will see this building on your right. 
This was my second trip to Ansan and I got the correct direction this time ^^
My first time to Ansan in this link, Getting to Ansan .
Ok, I knew my way from here.
Thanks to my previous experience ^^
I won't forget this slope...
It looks easy.
Try it and you will know ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Actually, my intention was to check out the cherry blossoms here. Not much online information in English...all I knew was that the Cherry Blossoms will be at Ansan, Seodaemun District. I knew I am close to it but where is it?? It should be quite obvious since they even have an annual cherry blossom festival here. Which means the cherry blossoms should be really nice, isn't it? 
Saw the pink banner at the end of the slope? That's a banner about the cherry blossom festival. This year, the festival commenced from 10 - 14 April but I think the official thing started on 11 April. We are one day earlier but that's ok. The flowers should be ready to welcome us ^^ Anyway, we did hike up Ansan but I shall not upload the pictures here again since I have blogged about it before at Hiking up Ansan -2013
Let me show you the route we took to the Cherry Blossom festive area. Actually, I think you need not follow my direction and probably able to find a shorter route cos we went to the festive area after hiking up Ansan. So where is Ansan??  Ansan is where the pink banner was. Just hike your way up. 
Saw that arrow pointing to the left?  Yup, there's another route down. We took the route down to the cherry blossom place. Thanks to a Mr Korean who gave us the directions ^^  He overheard us speaking in Mandarin and gave us the direction in Mandarin lol So grateful to him! 谢谢你 ^^
The pink banner at the foot of Ansan.
The route down to the cherry blossom place.
Down all the way and you will see the cherry blossom place on your right.
Seodaemun Youth Center is beside the cherry blossom festive area.
So happy!!
I think my friends almost gave up cos we couldn't see a single cherry blossom as we hiked up Ansan.
So grateful that they 
persevered on with me!!
My long time wish to see the cherry blossom here was fulfilled at last ^^

I could feel my heart fluttering with joy when I saw this ^^
Such a nice place for picnic ^^
We should have brought along some kimbap, hardboiled eggs, fruits and drinks for a picnic!!

It is not a very big place but big and nice enough to spend a leisure half day here.

Another lovely surprise!!

Making our way down and out of the place although we were not sure where it will lead us to.
Wow..another surprise for us.
This is such a nice place to check out.

It felt like we were in the middle of some nature parks lol

홍제천 폭포마당.
At first, I thought this place was linked to a subway station.
Nooooo...we were still far from the nearest subway station, Hongje Station.
I think there is a bus stop to the station but we chose to walk to see more of the neighbourhood.
I can't remember how far we have walked.
Maybe about 25mins???
Not sure.