Wednesday, 31 December 2014

14 Sep 2014 - Loving my Sunday

It was Sunday. I allowed myself to wake up a bit later than usual.
Made myself a simple brunch of 제육김치볶음, 계란찜 and banchan from HomePlus.
Decided to spend my day studying for the upcoming exam and cycling in the evening.
A beautiful Sunday afternoon in Hongdae. 
Cherishing every moment as I looked out the window from my apartment, I knew I will miss this place a lot when I am back in SG.
I took the subway to Ichon Station, exit 4( I think so) in the late afternoon for cycling along the han river.
 Walk straight from exit 4.
You will reach a traffic junction about 3 mins later.
Cross the road and walk as directed.
Continue to walk straight.
You will see Ichon Park after you got through the tunnel. 
Made my way to the bicycle rental kiosk, which is located along the river.
Saw a picture of these beautiful flowers via FB & I told myself I MUST COME HERE!!

I reached here about 6.15pm.
Unfortunately, I couldn't rent a bike ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ
I am not sure why till now 
ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ
I will come to the park for a walk everyday if I am staying here ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It felt really nice strolling by the river ^^
Hate to leave but its time for dinner!
I will be back to cycle!!!!!

13 Sep 2014 - Meet up with Jihye ^^

It was Saturday. 
My dear Jihye made her way down from Suwon to Hongdae to meet me. 
Thank you dear ^^ 
We went to this Saju Cafe, 재미난조각가 at Hongdae.
According to Jihye, this place is very popular and there is one lady master who is very good in her reading. There was a super long queue for this lady master that day. If we wanted her to read our fortunes, we will need to wait till late evening...zzzzzzz....
Jihye was fine with any master, so we waited for the next available one. We waited about 40mins before a lady master came along. While waiting, we ordered some drinks (which was expected of us). 
I did not have my saju read but I tried another type of reading just for fun. Something like tarot reading but the lady master used flag gods instead of cards. The feeling was not really good. I felt it was too commercialised. I think I paid about 20000 won?? Conversations between the masters and customers was carried out openly across the table, which is common in most of the Saju places in Korea. You can hear the conversation from the next table. No privacy. They do not have English speaking master around. Jihye translated for me. 
After the reading, we went to 치킨인더키친 Chicken In The Kitchen for dinner. 
The bright orange building makes it easy to identify the place ^^

반반치킨 Half Half Chicken in order to try both flavours ^^
Hot & Sweet Chilli and Original flavour.
SOOOooooo yummy!! 

The route to take from Hongik Univ Station, exit 8.
So happy to see Jihye once again.  
Till we meet again, take good care and may all your dreams be fulfilled in 2015 ^^

Monday, 29 December 2014

12 Sep 2014 - Lunch with classmates

One of my classmates suggested to have lunch together after class. We decided to check out the popular dakgalbi place in Sinchon. I think many of you knew about this place as well^^ You can check out this blog for direction
The place was packed and we saw many familiar faces from KLI.
Very affordable price per person.
There were 11 of us and we ordered 2 sets of dakgalbi.
One set with cheese and rice.
The other without cheese cos 2 of my classmates do not eat cheese.
We requested a serving of rice for 5 people instead of 11.
Yum Yum Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......!!!
So much patience was required to wait for it to be cooked ㅠㅠ
I think my classmates were small eaters compared to me!!
They seemed to be full very fast!!
Nope. Its not that they didn't like the food here.
All of us agreed the dakgalbi was 진짜맛있어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I love having my dakgalbi with cheese topping!!
They tasted soooo yummilicious!!!
Always make sure to save a little space for this ^^

Come to think of it....What happen to our 쯜면??
I don't remember we ate it!!
I went to Edae to shop after lunch. Went home to take a rest before heading out for more shopping at the Express Bus Terminal Underground shopping mall.
I took this exit to access to the mall but I think there are several entrances to the mall.
Inside the underground shopping mall.
I turned to my left and I saw an endless road ahead....
Turned to my right...
Couldn't see the end of the mall as well.
I managed to comb the place during my recent trip.
Actually, it was not as intimidating as it seems.
"Intimidating" becos I thought I will burnt a hole in my pocket here.
I thought I will shop till I drop but I didn't.
Not every shop appeals to me.
Up next is my favourite place in Seoul.
Yes. I went back again.
WHY??? Becos its my favourite place!!
Well, before that I dropped by the foodcourt at Shinsegae to buy a cake.
Yesssssss my craving for cake hits me once again!
I wanted to buy 2 slices but I CONTROL...............
My blackforest cake  *Satisfied & Blessed*
A little sad to hear the announcement that there will be no fountain for the night due to some wind direction thing. HUHhh did I hear it wrongly... ㅠㅠ

Sunday, 28 December 2014

11 Sep 2014 - 돼지 연탄구이 백반 for dinner

After the Nanta show, I went back to Hongdae for my dinner at 고집. I mentioned about having dinner at 일미식당. 고집 is next to 일미식당. Check out the link here for directions 

Menu in Korean.
I ordered 돼지 연탄구이 백반 (6500won).  
Very satisfying meal ^^
I want to come back again to try other dishes.

11 Sep 2014 - A cafe near my apartment

Classes resumed today after a good holiday break. I walked to my school and will pass by this cafe near my apartment everyday, Monday to Friday. Had been eyeing at their honeycake since the first day I saw this cafe and finally got my chance today ^^ 
I assumed that's the boss at the bar counter. Very attentive guy. A customer was feeling unwell and almost lost her balance at the entrance. He went up to her immdiately and make sure she is ok enough to leave the cafe.   

My much anticipated honeycake ^^
The boss took the initiative to tell me the wifi password as he served my food.
It may mean nothing to you but to me, it says a lot of a person.
In this case, I think the boss is quite sensitive to his customers' needs.
The honeycake was a great disappointment...
It did not taste aweful but its not what I have expected.
The texture tasted like rice cake, unlike normal cakes.
This was my first time to eat a honeycake.
 Does it usually taste different from normal cakes?
Do enlighten me.
The cheapest so far to eat in a cafe cos I took the set.
Though I was disappointed with my honeycake but I like the ambiance of the cafe.

Ok, its time for me to go back to the school becos we get to watch a free Nanta show in the afternoon.
Free transport provided to fetch us from the school to the theater at Chungjeongno.
My classmates and I managed to get seats close to each other ^^

Now I know why I have not watch a Nanta show before lol cos the cheapskate me has been waiting for a free ticket! The show was very entertaining but some of my classmates felt the duration was a bit too long. Can't remember how long it was but yeah a little too long for me too. Nevertheless, as an audience I can feel the great effort and hardwork put in by the performers to bring laughter to their audiences. Great job!