Sunday, 23 July 2017

24 Nov 2016 - 누구세요??

Stumbled upon some tall Korean guys in black and walking in a group.  Took a second look cos they looked like some kind of celebrities.  When I looked up, I saw a group of fans waving at them.  Ok, these guys must be some newbies.  I snapped some pictures and sent to my friends but nobody knew them.  Let me know if anyone of you know who these guys are. 

Many people were snapping pictures of these guys. I heard one Korean Ajumah asked the manager who are these guys. The manager was very friendly and polite(maybe becos they are newbies lol) to reply her but I couldn't hear the group name clearly. I asked two very excited looking Korean Ajumahs who are these guys. They laughed and replied me "몰라". Whahahahaa they did not know as well!!

I think newbies will want people to take many pictures of them for awareness lol

This marks the end of my Autumn 2016 trip. 
I finally managed to finish my updates but still have to update for Spring 2017 hahahaha
Due to my long working hours, nowadays I just want to laze around at the air bnb apartment whenever I am back in my second home.
Wanted so much to explore outside Seoul but no energy to do so ㅠㅠㅠ

24 Nov 2016 - City Airport Terminal check in at Seoul Station

Decided to try the express train to Incheon airport and checked in at Seoul station and now I am hooked on it!! So easy, seat guaranteed and no need to queue at Incheon airport immigration!   More details at Arex Airport Express Unless you have extra luggages to check in here and need to pay the extra charges, you will still need to go through the immigration at Incheon airport. 
You need to buy the Express train ticket first before you can check in your luggage.
After check in, you need to come to this immigration to wait a while for clearance. This is the same in airport where you need to wait a few mins after check in. I think the best thing for me about checking in my luggage here is avoiding the long queue at the airport immigration. I can pass the immigration from a designated entrance.  My friend and her family checked in their luggages here and bought the express train ticket which departs 2 hours later becos the flight was still quite some time away.  During the 2 hours, they went window shopping at Myeongdong lol.  
Correct me if I am wrong.  This check in is called City Airport Terminal check in and only available for passagers taking certain airlines.  However, Express train is open to all.  If you are not taking any of the airlines as stated in their website, you can still take the Express Train.  Upon reaching the airport, you can get back the deposit of 500 won. Fare for the Express train is more than Arex train (all stop stations) but they give a small discount for the airlines specified in their websites. Discount is only possible when you buy the Express train tickets at the counters.  Discount is not applicable for online purchases.
Train schedule from Seoul Station to Incheon Airport.

What a peaceful sight lol

I guess situations at the airport has improved ever since tax refund is allowed on the spot of purchase at more places. If you have claimed back your cash in downtown, you will still need to come here to scan all your receipts, otherwise you will be charged with a penalty fee(deducted from the credit card which you used when you got the refund in cash) and the fees is slightly more than what you have received in downtown.
A credit card is required if you want to get your tax refund in downtown and I think you can only use your own credit card(correct me if I am wrong). If you are doing your tax refund in the airports, you do not need a credit card.  

So peaceful ㅋㅋㅋ
Inside the transit.
You need to come here to receive your cash if you did not claim your cash refund in downtown.  If you have claimed your tax refund in downtown, you only need to scan all your receipts as shown earlier and need not come here. 
Fast and easy ever since they improved on the tax refund system ie getting your refund on the spot. If the tax refund is not deducted right away from my purchases, I will usually do my tax refund claim at downtown.  
*By the way, during my Spring trip 2017, I forgotten to claim my tax refund in Busan and tried my luck to claim the tax refund in Myeongdong. Yes, its possible!!!  Hehehehe

Saturday, 22 July 2017

23 Nov 2016 - 더 디저트The Dessert

Sweet treat on my last nite before heading back to SG tomorrow ㅠㅠ

My hot apple tea and pudding.
The boss came up with the yellow pudding and told me its "service" while he prepared my order.
So delighted!

Looks kinda messy but I like the pretty colors and the taste ^^

One can reach 더 디저트The Dessert from Hongik Univ Station, exit 8, 7 or 6. 

23 Nov 2016 - Dropping by Myeongdong for a while

Dropping by Myeongdong for a while
예쁘다 ^^
너무 예쁘다.
So cold yet I just want to be here ^^

Many seafood stalls and I decided to go for this.
15000 won I heartpain...

Eat once can already.
Not bad but not worth the price.
Maybe can only see this during winter or late autumn?

This colorful multistorey car park is a useful landmark whenever I want to look for the money changer that I usually go to.
This is the money changer I usually go in Myeongdong. I will still survey around the place before coming here to change money cos it still offers a better rate. I think there is another money changer(somewhere in the centre of Myeongdong) located inside a pharmacy that offers almost the same rate as this money changer. I can't point out the exact location though. 미안..
The colorful multistorey car park as depicts by the star, while the money changer is somewhere along the red bar as shown on map. I am not very sure of the exact location. Hopefully I have marked the correct location. 

23 Nov 2016 - Yummy 김밥쌈 Kimbap ssam for lunch ^^

Here for a late lunch.
Have been looking forward to come here for so long!
남도 분식

I think the sotong (aka cuttlefish) as shown in the picture (top left) 오순떡 is the most popular item on the menu among the locals. Check out the sotong in this blog
Stir fried pork slices with lettuce and Kimbap! 7000won.
My god...I want to go back now!!!
So yummy that I have to upload an upclose picture lol
The garlic slices were so crispy and fragrance that I was tempted to ask for more!!
Everything tasted so yummy!!
The nearest subway station is Gyeongbukgong station, exit 2.  Tongin Market 통인시장 is circled in red. I suggested taking the route as shown by the dotted line to reach the eatery becos you can see more things by walking through the alleys. I think it took me less than 10 mins from exit 2 to reach the eatery.  You can also walk your way up to Suseong Dong Valley 수성동 계곡