Saturday, 9 December 2017

21 April 2017 - Checking out 대림창고

Finally decided to come to this cafe lol
Saw this car in a few blogs ㅋㅋㅋ
Is that the cafe owner's car? Hahahaha

My vanilla affogato at 7000won.
Nice ^^
Quite nice for a place to chit chat with friends.
Very easy to reach too.
From Seongsu station, exit 3. it takes less than 5mins to reach here.

21 April 2017 - Dulggae Kalguksu for brunch

 Brunch at 홍대밀방.
Not many noodle places sell 들깨칼국 Dulggae Kalguksu.
So glad to find out that this place which is near my apartment has it.
Operating hour is 10am~10pm.
Closed on Sunday.

  1. 들깨칼국 Perilla soup noodle (Dulggae Kalguksu) 7000won
  2. 밀방칼국수 Kalguksu 7000won
  3. 항아리수제비 Sujebi 7000won
  4.  만둣국 Mandu Soup 7000won
  5. 콩국수 Noodles in cold soybean soup (Kongguksu) 8000won
  6. 찐만두 Steamed mandu (4pieces 5000won, 6pieces 7000won)
  7. 만두전골 Mandu hotpot (Mandu Jeongol) 
  8. 해물파전 Seafood pancake 15000won
  9. 두부김치 Tofu Kimchi 15000won
  10. 고추잡채 Gochujapchae (I think this maybe stir fried capsicum with some meat etc) 23000won
Ahjuma got me seated but told me to wait a while cos they are opened at 11am.
Its weird when they put the operating hours as 10am.
Lucky, I was there at 10.50am and not before 10am.
My perilla soup noodle ^^
I fell in love with this Korean dish when I first ate it at 체부동잔치집
I still prefer the perilla soup noodle at 
체부동잔치집 although the presentation here is nicer.
Can reach there either from Hongik Univ Station, exit 2 or 3.

20 April 2017 - Nice pub in Hongdae

Wanted to come here since last year but did not manage to until now.
Not very obvious place I think.
The pub is at the basement(where the purple signage is).
홍대 그리고 밤
Operating hour 6pm-5am.
 Closed on every Monday.

I like the ambience here but I don't know how long it can last lol
Cream beer.
I like beer but I am no expert lol
I choose the cheapest since this meal cost me more than the normal meals ㅋㅋㅋ
I ordered 스팸  감자튀김 Spam with fries cos I saw many Koreans ordered this lol
You can check out this blog for more food pictures ^^
Love Love
Fat Fat
Heck Heck
Nearest subway station is Hongik Univ Station, exit 6.
My apartment is near exit 5, so its quite near for me.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

20 April 2017 - Jeju Pork Noodle soup for lunch

Well hidden behind some plants and flowers.

I came here for the 고기국수 pork noodles soup (first item on the menu).
It was a very small eatery.

My 고기국수 ^^
Took me about 5 mins to walk from 올레국수 to Hansung University station, exit 6.

20 April 2017 - Exploring Seoul fortress near 북정마을 Bukjeong Village

  Exploring the fortress at Bukjeong Village today. 
You can check out Visitseoul for more details. 
I did not explore the village cos I was more attracted to the Seoul Fortress hahahaa
The bus stop to take bus no. 3 to the village is a few mins walk from Hansung Univ Station, exit 6.
The bus stop is "Samseongyo Seongbuk Culture Center.
No need to see all this cos will be getting off at the last stop ^^
Got on the village bus no. 3 at 12.06pm.
I was supposed to come here in the morning but was too tired and lazy to get out from the apartment.
I have to drag myself out.
Reach the last stop at 12.12pm.

This is the village bus no. 3.

This is where I got off at the last stop. 
For return trip, take from the same bus stop although I did not try taking the bus from here for the return trip.

I did not explore the village but I walked down the road and saw the fortress.

Saw the fortress? 

This cutieeeee was really fierce hahaha but I still find it so adorable that I wish I could bring it home  ^^

From here I walked down the main road to reach 올레국수 for lunch.

The red dotted line depicts the route I took from the fortress to 올레국수. I can't remember how long I took but I think it was not more than 15mins to reach the eating place.  If you are not keen to eat at 올레국수, you can also take the same route to the subway station (Hansung Univ Station). 
That's 올레국수. The sign board was not really noticeable.