Sunday, 19 July 2015

13 April 2015 - Lucky me ^^

Lucky me was upgraded to business class for my flight back to SG cos the economy class was full ^^
Main course.

Cold supper...cold chicken
and I don't like cold burger ㅠㅠ

The hot pizza bread in economy class tasted a lot nicer lol
Nevertheless, I am really thankful for the upgrade ^^
 감사합니다 아시아나 항공.

13 April 2015 - Incheon airport

Thank god that I always reach the airport 3-4 hours before the departure time.
Since last year, this was the third time I encountered long queue at the immigration and Tax refund custom counters. Actually, I am very ok with the strict checks at the immigration but not with the behaviours of certain nationality. It will not be nice to mention names here but what I wanna say is, when we are in a foreign country, people identify us by our country and not as individual. For eg, Mr ABC was very arrogant and rude. Usually, the first thing that come to our mind will be, "Oh he is from ________."  Our actions and behaviour speaks a lot, please be gracious and be courteous. Please do not do things that will disgrace yourself and your country when you are overseas. The same goes for us, Singaporeans. 
The long queue caused anxiety to many tourists but still it should not be an excuse for your rowdy behaviour. I really hate it because they were not just one or two individuals. They were in groups including tour groups. They shouted, complaint, jumped queue and said loudly that they don't care anymore because they are going to be late for their flight. Their trolleys banged hard on my legs several times without any apologies.  It was painful of course. The long queue was made painful by these groups of people and I blamed their tour guides mainly for that. Tour guides should know the situations better and advised their customers accordingly. I really feel for the staff especially at the Tax refunds custom kiosks. They were doing their best to help these groups of rowdy tourists but its really hard work and requires a lot of patience. I cannot help but to feel disgusted with such disgraceful behaviours. As much as I am very proud of my red passport, I really hope that we as Singaporeans do not display such behaviours especially when we are overseas. 
Went through the immigration and passed by the food court.
Heheheheee....I was tempted to go for Donkatsu again!!
I was not hungry at all but I had my eyes on this Curry King Donkatsu for a long long time..
I ordered this spicy curry Donkatsu and was 'warned' by the cute crew that its gonna be really spicy lol Yup, its spicy but bearable for me. In fact, this was really delicious!! Usually I don't expect much from food court but this was so good! Yay...I flew back to SG without regrets whahahahahaha

13 April 2015 - Spam kimchi fried rice for breakfast

Decided to cook my own breakfast before heading out to Incheon airport.
Spam and kimchi fried love  *Slurp
난스팸김치볶음밥을 진짜 좋아 ^^
진짜맛있다 ㅋㅋㅋ

12 April 2015 - Happy times with 란 ^^

Hooray!! 란 and I managed to meet up for dinner and dessert before I leave for SG ^^  I brought her to two places that I wanted to go very very much. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I love to eat  Donkatsu in Korea.  I have no cravings for it at all when I am in SG...strange cos I don't think Donkatsu in SG taste any less delicious than the ones in Korea. Anyway, since I have yet to eat my Donkatsu for this trip, I urged 란 to come to this place which I have aimed to go for a long long time.  

This is the place, 부엉이돈가스 ^^
So glad that it was open.

I came here twice but no luck cos it was under some sort of renovation on the first time I came and closed on the second time when I came...

Snow cheese donkatsu was the reason why I wanted to come here ^^
It was the popular item on their menu. We ordered only one dish to share becos we wanted to leave some space for DESSERT!! Frankly speaking, This Donkatsu was not the best I have ever ate but it was nice; not extra super delicious though.
Nearest subway station is Sangsu station, exit 1.
About 5 mins from exit 1 to reach the place.
Up next is dessert time!!!
 I was really really excited about this cos I wanted so badly to come here for sooo long...
Yes. Its Le Petit Four Café, a very popular cafe in Hongdae area.
Le Petit Four Café is opposite Snob cafe .

Omggggggggg....I wanted to try all of them!!!
란 and I had a hard time to decide which one to try ㅋㅋㅋ

I conclude that I love French dessert!
What you see here were all so so delicious!!
The nearest subway station for 르쁘띠푸 카페 Le Petit Four Café is Sangsu Station, exit 2.
About 3 mins walk from exit 2.

I was very happy to see 란 before going back to SG. I am not sure when we can see each other again in Korea cos 란 has recently flown to Paris to work. Perhaps the next time we meet, it would be in Paris or Germany ^^ I hope 란 is doing well in the new environment. 

12 April 2015 - Disappointing dosirak

My last full day in Seoul ㅠㅠ  So sad but happy at the same time.  Happy becos I will be meeting my dear 란 for dinner today! Yay!! I decided to spend my last day in Seoul doing some last minute shopping before meeting 란.  

Was craving so badly for dosirak and decided to check out Miss Lee cafe in Myeongdong(about 2 mins walk from Euljiro 1-ga Station, exit 5/6)

I miss this dosirak so much after having it for the second time in my winter trip,
I remembered it tasted so much better than the first time I had them.
Sad to did not tasted as what I had expected.
The kimchi was a bit watery and not really nice.
The sausage was not tasty as well.
So disappointing ㅠㅠ

Friday, 17 July 2015

11 April 2015 - Very unsatisfying supper ㅠㅠ

I was not hungry but the sudden cravings for cake crept up when I passed by this cafe in Hongdae (About 2 mins from Hongik Univ Station, exit 8). I passed by this cafe so many times but never had a chance to check it out. Ok, tonight it shall be. 

I wanted to try them all....
I love the salted caramel hot chocolate but not the cake.
It was too sweet and tasted like those normal fruit cakes that have lots of raisins and dried fruits.
So not satisfying ㅠㅠ

11 April 2015 - Bye Gunsan!

Got on a taxi at 4.09pm to head back to Gunsan Station. There was still plenty of time before my train leaves for Yongsan but I wanted to try my luck to see if I can change my ticket to an earlier time.  I forgot to take down the time I reached the station but the taxi fare was 4600won.
Well, no luck for me for an earlier timing back.
The train was fully packed even for the standing ticket.
Therefore, I decided to take a walk to the beach nearby the station. 

*So glad that I did not give up waiting for my jjampong 
The beach was about 7 mins walk from the station.
You won't miss it.

Really need such quietness...

Its time to go back to Seoul.
Good bye Gunsan.
Thank you for everything  ^^