Monday, 26 December 2016

15 Nov 2016 - 서울숲

The day started off with a visit to Seoul Forest.
Took the subway to Seoul Forest Station, exit 3.

Cleaner's thought : Omg...when can I ever finish sweeping up all the leaves??
Tourist's thought : 아줌마!! Dun sweep the floor!!! 하지마!!!
When I first saw the big patch of yellow, I was so excited until she starting sweeping.
I really felt the urge to shout out to 아줌마...안돼....!!!

In the culture since young ^^

Surprised to see Greens!!

Love these trees so much that I could stay here for half a day just by looking at them lol

Wishing you a blissful marriage ^^

Its time to leave.
Nothing much but it was really nice to be here in this weather ^^

Sunday, 25 December 2016

15 Nov 2016 - Homecooked breakfast

Breakfast was a simple pot of sundubu jjigae cooked with clams, beancurd, green chillies and enoki mushrooms.
I also bought some eggs but bought the wrong type of eggs....
The wrong egg...
I was shocked when I cracked open the shell...I almost fainted.
I bought smoked eggs instead of the normal eggs!!
The shells were darker in colors...
In order not to waste the egg, I leave it in the soup but I didn't quite like it...
I think smoked eggs are the ones eaten in jimjibang and Koreans love it.
Supposed to be for 3-4 servings but I used it all hahahaha
It was very tasty and not salty.

14 Nov 2016 - My Airbnb apartment for this trip

As I mentioned earlier, there are 2 ways to reach my apartment, ie one can either use the slope on the left to reach the third floor in order to have elevator access to the apartment or use the elevator on the ground floor to reach the third floor and change to another elevator to gain access to the apartment.  The later sounds better right?  Hmm..
Ok let's see.  In order to take the elevator from the ground floor, I can enter from the glass door as shown by the red arrow.  Usually I will buy some drinks and snacks from the mini mart(as shown by the blue arrow) before going back, so I will use the side door to access to the elevator from the mini mart.
This is the side door of the mini mart. I saw many Koreans using this elevator.  I also overheard some foreigners whom I believe to be staying in the same building asking each other whether they should try using this elevator.    
The mini mart is at B2.
I think B1 to 1st level is a 찜질방Jimjilbang.
So convenient to go to the jimjibang from my apartment isn't it???
I was tempted but still cannot convince myself to go lol
Third level is a comic school academy.
Walked pass the academy to reach this entrance.
This is always the part where I dread most if I am carrying a big and heavy luggage.
There are a total of 2 flights of stairs...
Hence, one can decide to use the slope or face the 2 flights of stairs...
At the end of the 2 flights of stairs and slope, you will reach the car park.
Saw the glass door?
You need to use an access card to tap on the security device.
Thereafter will be the elevator to reach the apartment...
First thing I saw as I opened the door.

The host received many good reviews on the apartment's location, home decor and his response to them.  Personally, I think there were just too many decors and unnecessary items lying around the place. These unnecessary items took up space which I could put my things lol There was no proper table that is high enough. Both tables were small and low. The room was a corner unit and not as big as the one which I had previously stayed in the same building.  
The host seems to like magnets a lot so I got him one from Spore as well. This table was the only table high enough to be used comfortably but not enough space though hahahaa
That paper lamp was an eyesore to me cos I couldn't open the door properly.
I need to shift it to another part of the room.
Well, since the room was pretty small, shifting it to another part of the room is still an obstacle to me hahaha
Although the room was small but it is still comfortable for a maximum of two people.
Two things I liked most about this apartment.
Firstly, the bed.
It was the most comfortable bed I have ever came across in all the Airbnb I have stayed before.

Believe it a not, I had great difficulties to get out of my bed every morning!!!
Secondly, I like the green cloth rack a lot becos its big and high enough!

No condiments and oil provided but this is normal.
After taking pictures, unpacked my luggage and took my shower, I can finally relax and enjoyed my supper.
My Korean friends like raspberry wine a lot but i find it too strong for me kekekee
I did not finish it and I leave it for my host who loves wine.
My host was a very nice and helpful host.
He responded fast even when he was away from Korea.
I think he is quite a funny guy too
Cos he always tell me to feel free to ask him questions but whenever I asked him, he never seems to answer my questions....
I believed he did not say for the sake of it but probably he could not understand or express himself well in English.  

14 Aug 2016 - Beadcurd

Back at my favourite place in Seoul to buy some grocery.
Saw this and thought this is interesting.
They actually sell the beancurd in this form.
So glad Homeplus also have instant tax refund now ^^

14 Nov 2016 - Donkatsu for dinner

Not very easy to locate though...

I ordered the first item, 사무님 돈가스 on the menu.
2nd item on the menu was also another hot item on the menu.

It was the Spicy Donkatsu (I think its soaked in spicy sauce) at 9500 won.
3rd item on the menu is Cheese Topping Spicy Donkatsu at 12000won.
Very delicious soup!!!
Here comes their famous donkastu.
Hmmmm..frankly speaking I don't find it super yummy cos I dun like sauce to be poured onto the fried food.
 Not sure why many people reviewed this place as good and it always has a long queue.
Sangsu Station, exit 1.

14 Nov 2016 - Back at Chop hair salon

After lunch, I went to Sangsu for a hair cut and treatment.  If you remember, I came here before :Cheap-and-good-hair-cut Can't remember how much they charged for designer hair stylist. It was something like 5% or 10% or 20% extra. I think the normal hair stylist is good enough for me.  The hair stylist who cut my hair previously was on leave so another hair stylist took over.  I am ok with her but I still prefer the previous hair stylist. The previous stylist was not a designer hair stylist but she was more meticulous.  One of the staff did the hair treatment for me and reminded me twice not to wash my hair at nite.  However, when the hair stylist was cutting my hair halfway, she told me she got to shampoo my hair again.  I asked her will it affect the hair treatment. She said no but I dun trust her words.  Will I go back to Chop hair Salon again? Yes, I will.