Tuesday, 30 September 2014

24 Aug 2014 - 멸치국수 for dinner

Most of my posts for this trip will be on my meals and nothing adventurous. Okie, its dinner time. I made my way to 망원시장 Mangwon market because I did not get to eat the noodles that I wanted in my previous trip. Directions to the eatery as mentioned in my earlier post,  http://happydalki.blogspot.sg/2014/05/25-mar-2014-disappointed.html

Place your order through this machine.
They have pictures of the food, so you need not worry about the menu.
They call out your number...

My 멸치국수 Anchovy noodle soup at only 2900won!
So cheap yet so delicious.
I like 멸치국수 a lot even though there is nothing except noodles, seaweed and some scallions in it.
Well, if you think 2900 won is cheap, I have a cheaper recommendation!!
어디?? 뭐가??
 Stay tune ㅋㅋㅋ 

Monday, 29 September 2014

24 Aug 2014 - [신촌] 만나역

Saw a long queue at this shop, 만나역 when I walked from Sinchon to Edae.
I wonder what was the queue for.
A big thanks to June who share the link here.  고마와요 ^^
I found another blog, http://sukinamono.tistory.com/29 talking about this shop.
I will try it one day!
It is located along the main road.
Across the road is Megabox.
Vague description I guess...

24 Aug 2014 - Free & Easy ㅋㅋㅋ

I changed my itinerary for the day because I felt lazy to travel ㅋㅋㅋ
Started my day with this for breakfast.
 Bought the milk and granola from HOMEPLUS last night.
In this trip, I frequent supermarkets more than anywhere!
So what's my plan for the day??
Nothing much.
Just a visit to Juno Hair at Sinchon and some shopping for the daily necessities.
Saw this along the shopping street at Edae ^^
Yum Yum!!  I want!!
She trimmed away the burnt parts ^^
Here, you can choose either spicy or not spicy.
Next, I went to Juno Hair salon.
How's the result?
Normal. Its within my expectation. 
Will I go back again?
No. I will try other hair salons.
So far, I am most happy with the LonHair, the first hair salon I visited in Korea.
LonHair is still there when I went back for my recent trip.
I will go back again one day ^^

Sunday, 28 September 2014

23 Aug 2014 - 치즈 까스 for dinner

My dinner for day 1 was 치즈 까스 at 혼가츠.
It was about 5 mins walk from Sangsu Station , exit 1 to 혼가츠.
The red dotted line was the route I took.

                                               Located on the second storey.

치즈 까스!!
Woooohooooo!!  I came here for this cos I like 돈까스 and 치즈 ^^ 
This cost 7000 won.

23 Aug 2014 - 짜장면 for lunch

Actually, I was not hungry and only wanted to catch some sleep after the night flight.
Decided to go back to Hongdae for lunch.
After walking around the place, I settled on 짜장면 at this place!

란 told me "곱빼기" means the portion is more than the usual single portion and usually guys order this. "반접시" means half portion. In this case, it means 2000won for half portion of "군만두". Hmmm, I felt it will be better if they can indicate the number of mandu ㅋㅋㅋ
Looks good ^^
This is the normal single portion and its enough for me!
Cos I have my own preference for 짜장면....
This 짜장면 was ok but I prefer the slightly oily type of 짜장면 that does not taste sweet.
This one has the sweet taste..
It cost 4000 won.

23 Aug 2014 - Reviving childhood memories ^^

I went to 조계사 Jogyesa Temple to give thanks and walked over to Insadong main street to check out 토토의 오래된 물건 Toto’s Nostalgia Museum. The nearest subway station tio reach the museum is Anguk station, exit 6.
Located on the second storey.

2000 won for admission fee.

I thought I smelled grilled cuttlefish! 
Oh!! There you are!
You can buy cuttlefish and grill it on the spot!

Dosirak ^^

This appeals the most to me!

I remembered I had the mini version of this!

Toto’s Nostalgia Museum is not a big place but it is a good place to revive some childhood memories ^^
(I couldn't find this place during my Spring Trip 2015. The place was under renovation.)