Sunday, 30 September 2012

온유 - In Your Eyes

This is my favourite OST from this drama,"아름다운 그대에게". Also known as "To the beautiful you" or "For you in full blossom". I did not watch the Taiwanese or the Japanese version but this Korean version is obviously so nice and funny!  This song,"In your eyes" is sang by 온유 ^^ OMg I love his voice so much!!

Lyrics : 
단 한번도 말한 적 없지만
사실 말야 난 그날에 이 심장이 뛰는걸 느꼈어

처음부터 난 알 수 있었어
확신할 순 없었지만 이미 우린 정해진 운명 같았어

사랑은 내게로 와
너를 이끄는 시간으로
영원히 깨지 않는
꿈만 같았어 정말 꿈만 같아서

처음 만난 그날을 기억해
눈이 부시게 빛나던 그런 날에 내게 와줬던
고마워 니가 내게 와줘서

처음부터 난 알 수 있었어
확신할 순 없었지만 이미 우린 정해진 운명 같았어

사랑은 내게로 와
너를 이끄는 시간으로
영원히 깨지 않는
꿈만 같았어 정말 꿈만 같아서

날 보며 웃는 너
이렇게 좋은 날
왜 눈물이 날까
내 눈에는

영원히 깨지 않을
꿈 이길 바래 늘 변치 않기를

사랑이 머무는 곳
우리 함께 할 시간으로
영원히 변치 않을
꿈만 같았어 내겐 꿈만 같아서

처음 만난 그날을 기억해
눈이 부시게 빛나던 그런 날에 니가 와줘서
고마워 정말

Lyrics from : oneochand.blogspot

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

2012 Autumn Foliage Schedule

Saw Autumn Foliage Schedule 2012  from FB today, courtesy of Korea Meteorological Administration. I'll check in Seoraksan Tourist Hotel 설악산관광호텔 on 11 Oct and check out on 13 Oct. I really wish I can get to see full foliage but its already a blessing to be able to go to my beloved Korea once again ^^

Mountains2012 Autumn Foliage Schedule
First FoliagePeak Foliage
Seoraksan (설악산)10.210.17
Odaesan (오대산)10.410.18
Bukhansan (북한산)10.1510.26
Chiaksan (치악산)10.910.20
Woraksan (월악산)10.1510.23
Songnisan (속리산)10.1510.26
Gyeryongsan (계룡산)10.1710.27
Palgongsan (팔공산)10.1810.26
Gayasan (가야산)10.1210.25
Naejangsan (내장산)10.2511.6
Jirisan (지리산)10.1010.18
Mudeungsan (무등산)10.2311.2
Duryunsan (두륜산)10.2811.11
Hallasan (한라산)10.1510.30
* First foliage = 20% of a given area’s foliage has changed colors
* Peak foliage = 80% or more of a given area’s foliage has changed colors

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Beautiful islands in Korea

OMgggg....I wanna visit beautiful islands in Korea or rather stay in Korea!!!  There are so many beautiful places in Korea and I really hope I can stay in Korea......!!!!  Just booked my KR pass for 3 days.  What's left to do is to go through my research materials and pack my luggage.  Well, I dread packing luggage but unpacking is worse cos its more tiring!  I usually pack my luggage a day before my flight or on the day of departure, but I have to pack earlier for this trip becos I will be attending Jo's wedding lunch on the same day of my departure to kimchi land. Jo told me to bring my luggage along and leave it in his hotel room as the lunch banquet will be held at Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport.  Hahahaa...Thanks Jo but I don't think I will do that since Changi Airport is not far from where I stay. Looking forward to attend his wedding ^^  14 days to my beloved second home. I miss Korea and I miss my Korean friends a lot.  

Sunday, 16 September 2012

21 days to my second home ^^

I have no idea what tree is this but it reminds me of cherry blossom in Korea.  Went to Parkway Parade yesterday to change my money.  The exchange rate was good, SGD$1 to KRW895. Better than my previous trips to Korea. I managed to change my currency at the rate of KRW897. My colleague changed her money at the same money changer last week but the rate was KRW893. 
My planning is almost done, except for some minor details.  This upcoming trip involves a lot of travelling out of Seoul but most of them are not long distance travelling and its only a day trip.  The website of Korail mentioned thaKR pass includes the general seats for KTX, Mugunghwa and Saemaeul, so I sent an email to Korail and KTO(Korea) to ask if ITX is included in KR Pass.  Sad to say, I did not hear any reply from them despite sending a second email.  Therefore, I emailed to KTO(Singapore) who told me KR Pass allows one to travel on all rail train types including the ITX.  That is good news to me ^^
However, I think it is not worth it as I am only taking one or two way trip per day. On second thought, KR pass is good because there's no limit to the numbers of trips made within the day.  This is useful to me because I am worried that I may not be able to wake up early everyday!  Hahahaa...cos if I am using the KR pass for the day and I happened to arrive late, I need not top up any payment for the next available train.  Anyway, 
I'm still contemplating whether to get the KR pass for 1 day, 3 days or perhaps 5 days.  Well, 5 days is probably out.