Saturday, 30 November 2013

12 Oct 2013 - At Billy Angel Cake Co.

Found it ^^
Yes. Billy Angel Cake Co.

Omgg...I wanted to try the Sweet Potato Latte but the Black Bean Latte sounds good as well!

I love cakes....and I wish I could try a slice of each for all the flavours ㅠㅠ

White is my favourite color  ^^
I like the clean and neat layout of this cafe.

I finally settle on Red Velvet and Cherry Berry Frappe.
Red Velvet was a disappointment cos it was rather dry ㅠㅠ
Will I come back again?
 Maybe yes, maybe no cos there are too many cafes in Hongdae to check out. 

 Cherry Berry Frappe cost KRW4900.
Red Velvet cost KRW5800.

The red dotted line indicates the route that I took from Hongik Univ Station, exit 9.  It took me about 5-10 mins to reach the cafe, Billy Angel Cake Co. I can't remember exact location of the cafe but it is somewhere along the blue dotted line.

12 Oct 2013 - Taking bus 7016

I mentioned earlier that I took the route towards Baekasil Valley to get to the main road? Yes. I took that route instead of walking back to where I first alight. If you are walking back to the bus stop, "부암동주민센터 Buam Dong Community Service Center", you will need to cross the road to take the bus back to Gyeongbokgung Station. Directions mentioned in my earlier post, Leaving Buam Dong .

And this route is slope all the way down to the main road...

Reached the main road.
I have to get across to take my bus.

My bus stop is opposite this building.

This bus is, "하림각 Harimgak".

The red arrow indicates current location.
I decided to take the bus back to Hongik University Station ^^
Looks like its going to be a long journey but that is ok.
 "동교동삼거리" which is the bus stop just 
before Hongik University Station, is also the stop for Boa Guesthouse.

Here comes my bus.

Not long later, two young Korean girls got on the bus. One of them is this girl in spectacles. She was carrying a box. I think it was a donation box but not sure what's the donation for.  She introduced herself and said a lot of things in Korean which I don't understand ㅠㅠ Nobody bothered about the two girls and nobody made any donation.  I wonder why. However, she was not persistent at all. She merely walk to the end of the bus with the box in her hands and got off the next bus stop. She gave a formal thank you and said, "여러분 파이팅!" before she got off. I thought that was very gracious and brave of her. Such acts will not happen on buses in SG. Anyway, are we allowed to have fundraising on our MRT or buses??  

I got on bus 7016 at 1.21pm. The bus passed by and stopped at the bus stop for 통인시장 Tongin Market at 1.28pm. It also pass by and stopped at the bus stop for Gwanghwamun Square at 1.33pm. At 2.08pm, the bus stopped at the bus stop for 서강대학교 Sogang University. At 2.15pm, it reached the bus for my guesthouse,"동교동삼거리 Donggyodong Samgeori". I reached the bus stop, "Hongik University Station" at 2.18pm.  I will be meeting the couple for dinner later on.  For now, I have a strong craving for cake!  지금 케이크를 먹고 싶다! 예! 저는 케이크를 많이 좋아!  Yup. I had a place in mind to eat my cake ^^

Oooo!  Saw Paul & Paulina along the way!
I think its one of the popular French bakery in Seoul but I have not tried anything from this bakery yet.

And I saw this as well.
Rice burger looks good.
The only rice burger I have tried before was from Mos Burger ㅎㅎㅎ

The cafe that I wanted to go is opposite Hongik University.

Friday, 29 November 2013

12 Oct 2013 - At 북악스카이웨이 (팔각정)

Yes! I have reached ^^

There is a Korean pub here?

This is the Korean pub. 

I did not take a break at any of the cafe or restaurant here and I dun know why...!

사모바위 Samobawi caught my attention becos it looks like a human from far.

팔각정 Palgakjeong

For take out.
There is a restaurant on the upper level selling pizzas and pasta.

It was time to make my way back.
I took the same route for my return trip.
It seems boring here right??
I came all the way up just to see a pavilion!!
Actually, I think I did not explore the place well.

According to VisitSeoul, there are two scenic walking trails!  
I was not aware of that ㅠㅠ
I will come back again to try one of the walking trail if I have the chance.
Hope I can also come here to catch the night view one day ^^

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

12 Oct 2013 - Getting to 북악스카이웨이 (팔각정)

I am not very sure how to get to Bugak Skyway Octagonal Pavilion 팔각정 but I think I can reach there from Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이 at Buam Dong. Many online comments suggested taking a taxi from Gyeongbokgung Station 경복궁역, exit 3. I will try to avoid taking a taxi becos I wanted to see more things. Therefore, I clarified my doubts with KTO and their reply was, "It is 2.26km from Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이 to Bugak Skyway 북악스카이웨이 and takes about 35 minutes". Great! Hence, I took the subway to Gyeongbokgung Station, exit 3, followed by taking bus no. 7022 and alight at 부암동주민센터 Buam Dong Community Service Center. Directions to Sanmotoonge as given in my earlier post, "Getting to Buam Dong".

Saw this building everytime I come but did not know it was the popular Club Expresso...

Didn't see this cafe in my previous trip.

CHEERS fried chicken is gone for sure ㅠㅠ

They are mother and daughter. The mother asked me how to get to Baekasil Valley 백사실. Ermmm....this is a place That I failed to go during the past few trips in Buam Dong...미안합니다. I have to apologise to them since I am not very confident of the directions.

Making my way to Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이. Facing the cafe, I turned right to get to Bugak Skyway Octagonal Pavilion. Anyway, the is only one route from the cafe.  It was 11.22am when I reached the cafe. 

Not long later, you will see these signboards. 
Look out for the word "북악산길산책로" and follow the direction as shown by the red arrow.
Directions to Baekasil Valley 백사실 as shown by the yellow arrow.

I took the route on my right as shown by the arrow. 
The mother and daughter took the route on my left down to Baekasil Valley 백사실. For my return trip from the skyway, I made my way back here and took the left route to the main road. I always missed out Baekasil Valley and I don't know why...

1.8 Km to go before reaching 팔각정 Palgakjeong (Octagonal Pavilion).
There will be directional signs along the walking trail.
Some of them are only in Hangul...

Follow the signboard.

Walk straight .
You will see a zebra crossing at the end of the bridge.
Cross the road and take the walking trail from there as shown by the arrow.
I believe this bridge is the one on the map shown above (as indicated by the red arrow in the map).  

Oh, this is the entrance to 북악산길산책로 Bukaksan walking trail. I think one can also reach the Octagonal Pavilion by walking straight ie to follow the cyclist's direction.  I am not too sure though.

I took the walking trail.

Me, myself and I.

북악산길산책로 Bukaksan walking trail.

I still cannot figure out why Koreans like to work out in the middle of a hiking trail.

Follow accordingly.

1.45 km to go!

Follow the signboard..

Keep on walking.

Its not easy to cycle your way up the slope....화이팅!!

Getting closer!

The entrance to the pavilion will be on your left and the main road will be on your right.
You won't miss it.
It was 11.53am when I reached here.
It took me 31mins from Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이 to reach here.