Thursday, 30 October 2014

2 Sep 2014 - 아침 식사

치즈스팸 샌드위치 for breakfast before heading off for my classes ^^

There were 10 students in my class. All of us came from different countries. My teacher gave a language exchange program application form to me and another classmate on the first day of class. I am not sure why she gave the application forms to only the two of us but I was very much surprised and delighted. Of course, I would love to join the exchange program and I'm going to meet up with my Korean buddy after class today. Yeah! 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

1 Sep 2014 - Huge mandu for dinner

Its Monday and the day starts with the usual lesson ^^
I took a bus to Seoul Station after class to buy my ticket for DMZ train.

Heading out to DMZ on the eve of Chuseok.
Can't wait to check out the new route,  Seoul to Baekmagoji DMZ Train ^^
After shopping at Lotte Mart(Seoul Station), I took the subway to Hongik Univ Station for my dinner. The eatery I wanna check out was 평양만두전문, which was located between Hongik Univ Station, exit 1 and Hapjeong Station, exit 2.
평양만두전문 was not located along the main road. After walking straight from Hongik Univ Station, exit 1 for about 5-10mins, I saw this building across the road and made a right turn into a small alley for a shortcut ㅋㅋㅋ
Turning right into the small alley.
Walk straight, cross the road and you will reach a 7-11.
Passed the 7-11.
Continue to walk straight for about 1 min and you will see the eatery on your right. 
Found it  ^^
They specialised in Pyongyang mandu?
Anyway, let's go in ^^
평일 (weekdays): 11am~9.30pm
Sat and PH : 9.30am~9.30pm
How about Sunday?? Close??
Looks like 맥주 ㅋㅋㅋ
It took me a while to understand this menu.
I think all the dishes on the left cost 7000 won each.
I ordered 칼만두국 (7000won) which means a combination of Kalguksu and mandu.
It came with a small bowl of rice.

Rice in soup!! My favourite ^^
That's actually the reason why I ordered this!
Cos I got to eat the mandu, noodles and rice all in one meal!
I think the shredded meat toppings are beef (I think so), so I didn't try that.
The soup was very tasty but now I realised it could be cooked with beef....
Well, it doesn't look appealing at all but it sure tasted GOOD!
The mandu were so BIG and there were three of them.
Although I preferred our dumplings or even Hong Kong dumplings but this mandu was not bad, quite tasty.
If you like mandu, you will like this ^^
이모 said something and brought me this piece of cloth.
I was not sure what is this for but I used it to cover my legs ㅎㅎㅎ
감사합니다, 이모 ^^
You can check out
this blogger on other dishes in this eatery.
Ending the nite in a sinful manner.....
How does it taste?
It tasted like popcorns....
Shall leave it to you to decide whether its yummy a not.

Monday, 27 October 2014

31 Aug 2014 - 내가 만든 김치 볶음밥

I decided to cook my own dinner. Just a simple 김치 볶음밥 Kimchi fried rice which consisted of Kimchi, chopped mushrooms, sweet corns, chopped spam and scallions.

Fully utilising my little golden pot ㅋㅋㅋ
I think this size is so good for one person's portion!
So sad that I couldn't fit it inside my luggage ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ
I miss my golden little pot.....
So very unsatisfied with my not so runny egg yolk  -____-
Okie, its time to hit the books!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

31 Aug 2014 - Exploring 소래습지생태공원 Sorae Ecology Park

It took me about 7 mins to reach the park from the fish market.
That's the entrance of the park.
Free Bicycle Rental!! So cool!!
Unfortunately, they are unable to rent to foreigners.
A Korean lady helped me to translate to the bike rental staff and she told me "Dangerous".
Anyway, I wanted to ask how about using my student pass but I think she didn't hear me.
Passed the bike rental shop and walk straight in.
Think I need to get a new camera...
Anyway, the place circled in red was the reason why I came to this park. Apologies for the blur image. That's the 3 windmills in the park. Yeah. I came here for the 3 windmills. Many locals came here for the 3 windmills too. It may not appear anything special to you but the idyllic surroundings of the park makes me wanna come back for a second visit!

Does it reminds you of 순천만 자연생태공원 Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park?

Woww so many different species of birds.

What are they searching for?
I am glad that I didn't manage to rent the bicyle afterall ㅋㅋㅋ
Saw the 3 windmills in the picture?
Here I come!!
The salt farm which is no longer in commercial use, but salt is still produced here to educate visitors. 

Wish I am staying in one of those apartments in the background.
I will definitely come to this park every other day if I stay nearby!

Childhood 童年

I took a shorter route back to Soraepogu Station as shown by the red dotted line.
 If you do not want to visit the fish market, you can take this route.
Its almost 4pm.
Time to go back for some revision.