Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bibigo @ Raffles City(Singapore)

Emily and I went to Bibigo for dinner.  
Emily ordered 장조림 Jang Jo Rim Bap.  
Yummy but she finds that there's too little pork  Hahahaha
Nevertheless, this is delicious ^^
Hmmmm... 장조림밥 does not look difficult to prepare.  I want to try it one day ^^

화이트 치킨. The fried chicken taste normal but try it with kimchi.  It will taste very different ^^  
I wrapped my kimchi around the chicken and OMOoooooooooooooooooo
진짜 맛있다!!!

My 치킨 김치 볶음 밥.  Omg this is heaven!  


  1. oh didn't know there's bibigo in SG

  2. hi happydalki... I have a few questions with regard to planning a korea trip that i hope to ask you... is it ok if i can email you?