Sunday, 22 April 2018

4 Nov 2017 - Yummy seaweed soup for dinner ^^

I took bus no. 202 from Bomnal Cafe to 제주해물밥 for my dinner.
Got on the bus at 5.05pm and reached here at 5.38pm.
Cross the road and walk according to the route to reach the restaurant.
Took about 4 mins.
Found a table by the window ^^
I was surprised by the spread ^^
This 전복성게미역국 Abalone Seaweed Soup (15000won) was so niceeee ^^
One abalone ㅋㅋㅋ
The moment of happiness when I dumped my rice into my soup ^^
I don't know the name of this seafood but this was very fresh, soft and tasted pretty good.

My guess of that seafood is this one but I am not sure.
I emptied all the plates lol
They have English menu.
Here's another blogger for your reference on this restaurant.

It was dark when I reached here so I did not take any pictures of the surroundings.
However, I went back again during my recent trip.
Will post them next time... will take some

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