Friday, 6 January 2012

M Pass in Seoul

I came across an article from Visitkorea. 
"To better accommodate the needs of foreign tourists visiting Korea, M-PASS, a public transit card exclusively for foreign tourists, is now available for purchase.

M-PASS, short for Metropolitan Pass, is good for up to 20 rides per day of any subway lines in the Seoul metropolitan area (e.g. Seoul Subway Lines 1~9, Incheon Metro, Airport Metro Commuter (except Express)). The card comes in 5 types – one-day, two-day, three-day, five-day and seven-day passes. The one-day pass costs 10,000 won.

You may purchase M-PASS at I-Tour Seoul (Seoul Tourist Information Center) located in the Incheon International Airport Arrivals Terminal. On purchase, a 5,000 won deposit is required, which is refundable with a 500 won fee deducted upon returning the card at wherever you purchased it or at any GS convenience store."

This would be good news for tourists who has to travel a lot by subway.  I remembered I spent about KRW 40,000 ~ KRW 45,000 on subway rides during my last trip to Korea.  I stayed about 13 days in Seoul but did not really need to take so many rides per day via the subway.    Therefore, M pass will not be too useful for me.  Nevertheless, this is just for sharing  ^^
I was always on the look out for the subway route map in the subway stations!  When I was first doing my research on  Seoul subway routes, I almost fainted...hahaha..the routes look so complicated.  I get the hang of it after using the subway for two days.  Seoul subway is really not as intimidating as it looked.    In fact, many people were telling me Japan subway is much more complicated.    
From my personal learning experience, I took note of the last station on the line of the direction I was heading to and know the number of the line, eg I am at City hall station and I want to go to Jegi dong station.  Jegi dong is on line 1, therefore I should look for the signage heading towards Soyosan, and not Incheon.
Seoul subway cyber map is very useful, you can check out seoulmetro.

Another type of map in the subway station

Map to show the route on line 2
Among all the maps, the first one was the one I preferred most but there were a few occasions where I couldn't find it in the stations...On such occasions, I will depend on my memory of the routes that I have taken before, and checking out other maps that were available.

 Singapore subway route map used to be like so simple...

Now it has evolved to this....When I first take the circle line, I felt its almost like travelling in Seoul subway because I need to walk from one place to another in order to change train.   Well, I know its the same for Northeast line but circle line felt more like travelling in Seoul subway ㅋㅋㅋ    I don't know how to describe but I wish I am in Seoul right now!!!

Jae told me to travel on Seoul subway just like the way I did in Singapore...He is right.  Do not be afraid to use the subway in Seoul.  It is a very convenient public transport.  I hope I can travel by buses more often during my next trip to Seoul!

Unlike in Singapore, where the word "Lift" is more commonly used instead of "Elevator"

Be alert and take note of the arrow direction.
I tends to get distracted easily and took the wrong directions twice during my trip....zzz....zzz.....
This picture was taken at Myeongdong station.
Train is coming from Hoehyeon Station and the next station after Myeongdong is Chungmuro.

What does this mean?   
Different cabins has different temperatures.  I am not sure whether it was stated anywhere on the glass panels but the only way for me to know was when I stepped into the cabin.  Hur hur...There were a few times whereby I almost jumped up when I sat on the seat.  Hot!  Hahahaa...not exactly hot but warm..I really appreciate the warm seats when the weather gets cold.....걱정 마  Don't worry the heat is bearable, I was just shocked to feel the heat..hahahaa...

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