Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Planning 2012

Jeju Island is known for its delicious mandarin oranges and they varies in taste, size, juiciness and color.  I think Jeju oranges are in season now because  I saw boxes and loose display of Jeju oranges in Shengsiong and NTUC....  

The intitial stage of planning a trip is always more difficult because there will be plenty of information available and it gets so overwhelming that you may not know where to get started.   Give yourself time to do your research...don't rush yourself but don't do it the very last minute.  Some people do not like to plan, cos they prefer surprises.  Oh yes, I agreed certain unexpected discoveries can be pleasant surprises but I prefer to have some knowledge of the place to get myself prepared.  Most importantly, doing research give me more confidence ㅎㅎㅎ

Aside from price, my main considerations in choosing a hotel are:
1)  Wi-fi in the bedroom
2)  Proximity from airport limousine bus stop to hotel

Have a few hotels in mind for now...ahh....dilemma....
Hotels that I have shortlisted includes:

  • Metro Hotel (Euljiro 1-ga/Myeongdong)
  • J Hill hotel (Myeongdong)
  • Casaville Shinchon Residence(Sinchon) 
Actually, I was hoping to find my accomodation around Daehangno but not much luck because I was too fussy...hur hur
Hmmm...I wonder why Asiana has yet to roll out their fares for April...fares for Korean Air is already out..

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