Sunday, 4 March 2012

잘 먹고 ^^

Home alone today, so I decided to cook 김치찌개 kimchi jjigae for myself.  Usually, I don't bother to cook a decent meal if I am eating alone.  I would probably cook 라면 just to fill up my stomach but I've been craving for 찌개 for the past one week, so I looked through the fridge and I found the basic ingredients to make myself  김치찌개!!!  Yippeee  

Stir fry the garlic and pork pieces as usual.
Today, I realised my small 뚝배기 is just the perfect size to cook for myself.  행복해 ^^

Taadaaaa!!   Although there's no 반찬 banchan, but this is a complete meal to me because besides the pork pieces, I added lots of garlic and kimchi as well.  Ermm...Personally, I think most Korean dishes are not difficult to cook...the basic ingredients will always be 고추장 Gochujang,  고추가루 Gochugaru and  된장 Doenjang.   I am not a good cook but I think cooking jjigae should be quite simple for most people.

I cooked two servings of Korean rice because any leftover of the rice can be used for 볶음밥 fried rice tomorrow.  Yes, using leftover rice to cook fried rice on the following day is what the Chinese usually do, because it was said that using leftover rice from the previous day to cook fried rice is even better.  I am not sure whether this is the same for Korean fried rice but anyway, I didn't manage to keep any leftover to cook fried rice tomorrow!!   
As you can see from this picture....the second helping of rice went right into the starts tomorrow....
And yeah I know...the same picture has been appearing in this blog thrice including this time...!!!   I just can't resist.... I think I have to look at Girls Generation more often to prevent myself from overeating....  -__-

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