Tuesday, 6 March 2012

开心 ^^

Saw this piece of news on FB, posted by Asiana Airlines(Singapore) today: 
"We are glad to inform you that Asiana Airlines has Additional Flights Schedule from Singapore to Seoul v.v on the following dates! 
24 May - 25 June, 18 July - 27 August, 17 October - 27 October
OZ 754 SIN-ICN ETD: 0230 ETA: 0950 (Mon,Thu,Sat)
OZ753 ICN-SIN ETD: 2000 ETA: 0120 (Wed,Fri,Sun)"

Great!!  The usual daily flight that fly between Seoul and Spore is OZ752 and OZ751.  OZ753 only fly to Spore in January and 4th quarter of the year.  Hmm...what's the occasion for additional flights?   Could it be due to Expo 2012 Yeosu??  Whatever it is, I am definitely most happy to hear this and PLEASEeeeee......OZ753 do fly to Spore more often  ^^  

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