Sunday, 23 September 2012

Beautiful islands in Korea

OMgggg....I wanna visit beautiful islands in Korea or rather stay in Korea!!!  There are so many beautiful places in Korea and I really hope I can stay in Korea......!!!!  Just booked my KR pass for 3 days.  What's left to do is to go through my research materials and pack my luggage.  Well, I dread packing luggage but unpacking is worse cos its more tiring!  I usually pack my luggage a day before my flight or on the day of departure, but I have to pack earlier for this trip becos I will be attending Jo's wedding lunch on the same day of my departure to kimchi land. Jo told me to bring my luggage along and leave it in his hotel room as the lunch banquet will be held at Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport.  Hahahaa...Thanks Jo but I don't think I will do that since Changi Airport is not far from where I stay. Looking forward to attend his wedding ^^  14 days to my beloved second home. I miss Korea and I miss my Korean friends a lot.  

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