Thursday, 12 June 2014

둥지 에서 점심식사

I met up with the couple for lunch two weeks ago.
We went to 둥지 at East Coast Road. 
The place was quiet on a Sunday afternoon.
So excited to see so many Korean food on the menu ^^
우리 모두가 먹고 싶어!!

Lunch set was rather affordable ^^
Free flow of banchan. 
This 해물 파전 seafood pancake smells really good but no pancake can be on par (so far) with the ones from 낙서파전I can only tell myself to lower my expectation whenever I eat 해물 파전...
We are great fans of 감자탕 Gamjatang but we were also looking towards to their seafood hotpot. It was a tough decision trying to have the best of both ㅋㅋㅋ
In the end, we decided to order a single portion of 감자탕 Gamjatang, which I thought its rare to see in single serving. We found two or maybe three potatoes in such a small pot! The meat was pretty generous as well but we just can't identify the taste that we miss so badly ㅠㅠ  This 감자탕 Gamjatang does not taste like gamjatang at all but it was still a decent tasty soup..The soup does not come with rice. You got to order the rice separately. I thought that was strange. 
Yeah!! We were aiming for this! I think this 해물전골 seafood hot pot is very popular becos of its generous serving of seafood at a much affordable price($39.50). 
We felt this pot of soup is enough for three person without ordering other dishes.
A very satisfying lunch at SGD $30 per person.
No dinner for me that day cos I was too full. 

둥지 also have 닭도리당 which is also my favourite!!!
I will come back again for 닭도리당!!!

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