Friday, 22 August 2014

To my second home once again ^^

Heading out for the airport in a few hours! Yep!! Tonight is the night ^^ Will be back on 21 Sep. I will be mainly in Seoul for this trip, taking up a 3 weeks Korean language program at 연세대학교. How I wish I can take up a longer course...I have been thinking of taking up this short term language program for the longest time and finally I went for it! Tired of working, I want to experience the life of a student once again.
BTW, I won't be replying any enquiry when I am away. Okie, chao & take care!


  1. Hey I'm in seoul for the 3 weeks course too. What do u plan for chuseok? I have a hard time thinking what to do for the long holidays.

    1. Hi. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier. How was your trip? Shd be gd I believe ^^

  2. U shud share ur experience asap! 빨리. I am thinking of taking the 3 weeks course as well. Yay.