Sunday, 26 April 2015

1 April 2015 - Angel Hotel 엔젤호텔

My Spring trip 2015 back to my second home began with a trip back to Busan and followed by Seoul. Yes. Busan again ^^ I don't know why but I just love Busan so much ㅋㅋㅋ Got on the night flight on 31 March 2015 and reached Incheon airport around 6.15am. Collected my lugguage and took the Arex to Gimpo airport for my domestic flight to Busan. 
I chose to stay in Seomyeon this time. Took the limousine bus from Gimhae airport to Seomyeon and got off at the stop "서면쥬디스 태화 Seomyeon Judes Tehwa", the stop right after Lotte Hotel. Couldn't remember how long was the bus ride but I paid 6000 won for the fare. Was it about 35mins??? Oh no..I can't recall ㅠㅠ I knew I got on the bus at 11am.
It would be good to tell the bus driver that you want to alight at "서면쥬디스 태화 Seomyeon Judes Tehwa" becos I didn't see the stop and the driver almost drove past it after the stop at Lotte Hotel. "서면쥬디스 태화 Seomyeon Judes Tehwa" is quite immediate after Lotte Hotel, so you got to be alert once the bus reaches Lotte Hotel. I got off diagonally opposite Judes Tehwa. My accommodation was opposite the road but no traffic light in I got to carry my heavy luggage down the stairs and use the underpass to get to the opposite side. Of course, it was another not so short flight up to the main road...*Sweat
Yup! I stayed in Angel Hotel this time.
Very convenient and good service unlike what was mentioned in the online comments about unfriendly lady receptionist.
I didn't encounter any lady receptionist during my stay ㅋㅋㅋ
I was standing about 4m away from the hotel to take this picture.
 This guy from the hotel came forward to lend me a helping hand with my luggage.
Much appreciated!
This guy is the type who does not smile much but takes his work seriously. 

Although he hardly smile but he is really helpful person ^^
The nearest subway station to Angel hotel is Jeonpo Station, exit 7.
Takes about 3 mins walk ^^
I took the taxi when I checked out the hotel at 9am for Gimhae airport.
It cost me about 25 mins to reach Gimhae airport.
The taxi fare was 13600won.
I reached the hotel about 11.50am and was able to check in before the official check in time cos room was available.
So soooo thankful for this!
Now, let me show you my room which I adored so much ^^
I booked this Korean style room becos I love sleeping on the floor ㅋㅋㅋ  
Clean, cosy and comfortable ^^
The ceiling ^^

Very pleased with my room, location of the hotel and friendly staff. It was not super easy to locate the hotel on my first day of arrival, but I soon get the hang of it. It was actually very easy. If anyone ask me for recommendation of hotels in Busan, I will strongly recommend Angel Hotel ^^ Actually, two of my friends were staying in this hotel during the same period as me and they loved the location too.


  1. Look cosy & comfy to me. Diam-diam u balik kampung eh.

  2. Lol bukan diam-diam I totally forgot to update. Too busy with work, then suddenly remember not blogging about it when I was about to board the plane hahaha