Sunday, 26 April 2015

1 April 2015 - BBQ dinner at 맛찬들왕소금구이

We came here for our dinner.
Sorry, didn't take a good picture that captured the name of this restaurant, 맛찬들왕소금구이.
We thought of ordering one serving of each type of meat but were told that we had to order at least 2 servings of each type of meat. So, we ordered the first two types of meat, ie pork belly and neck meat(I think so. Correct me if I'm wrong) with 2 servings each. Please correct me if I have wrongly labelled the types of meat.

Nearest subway station would be Seomyeon Station, exit 7.
This BBQ restaurant is also near to 삼광보리밥, where we had our lunch earlier on.
We went to Lotte dept for some grocery shopping and bought dessert from Sweet Monster Cheese Cake. I had always wanted to try their cheesecake and finally I had the chance! So happy ^^

We ordered the Traditional Tiramisu Cheesecake.
They had a promotion of free ice cream for every purchase of cheesecake.
The ice cream was too sweet and quite milky.
I like milky ice cream but not the sweetness ㅠㅠ
Much to my disappointment...
Too much cocoa powder and I felt I am eating powder.
The cheesecake was pretty light and I preferred a stronger cheese flavour.
Too much tiramisu which made the bottom of the cake too wet for my liking.
Well, I will try another flavour if I have the chance again ^^
A row of 포장마차 Pojangmacha along the street outside Lotte Hotel/Dept.
Basically, they were selling the same food.
We wanted to try but it was too cold to stand there to eat...

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