Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Sharing - Part 1

I booked an apartment from airbnb(as usual) for my upcoming trip this Autumn. Yup home time.  So since Sunday, I have been trying to reach my host to ask if I can extend my stay due to a SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT REASON.  Actually, I have checked his calender on Airbnb and I knew the dates were taken up but I just wana try my luck. I dropped him a msg via airbnb, a sms to his hp and another msg via Airbnb yesterday.  No reply till this morning.  I thought something bad has happened to my host becos I don't think any host will reply this late...and so I got a reply on the third day. Kinda of unbelievable, isn't it?  
here's his replies and I shall leave it to you to judge.

First email :
"Hi ~
First, I'm really sorry...I have some problem that I have to cancel your booking.
Because yesterday the police come my place and told me stop sell the room on airbnb..also get penalty...I don't know why but the Airbnb is illegal in Korea
I also very angry and don't understand...but...
There is one way you can stay, If you don't mind you can cancel your booking and pay direct to me by cash...but It's too bother you...
Anyway I'm really sorry to tell this...
Hope you can find better sorry...."

Second email :
"Thank you for understanding and worry about me...
For refund of course you will get full refund~so no worry.
Sorry again. and take care.
If you don't mind when you come Korea, e-mail or kakao me. Let's grab some coffee or beer"

Seriously speaking, I was not angry at all and felt it was a blessing in disguise. I would be glad to have coffee or beer with him but let's settle things first.
I can't imagine what will happen if I have not text him.  I texted him becos I wanted to try my luck asking about the extended stay and indeed I was lucky.  He was the first host who did not give me any directions/maps upon my booking even though my reservation at that point of time was still a few months away from the actual date of checking in. For this, I gave him the benefit of doubt that its still too early to give me all those directions. 

I can't believe that Airbnb is illegal in Korea. So does that mean I have violated the laws in all my previous trips?? I only know for sure that it is illegal to have HDB flats as Airbnb apartments in Singapore. Again, I chose to give him the benefit of doubt that he couldn't/didn't explain himself well.  I think I should be able to get back a full refund. Hope the whole process will not take too long or tedious.
I told my host I should not be the one to initiate the cancellation becos I will need to bear 50% of the payment if I am the one to cancel the reservation. Hmm! Till now, my reservation is not cancelled.  

Fortunately, I also dropped Airbnb a msg yesterday about no response from my host.  So this afternoon, I received a call from California! I thought it was a prank call and almost rejected the call. I am glad that I didn't.  It was from Airbnb. 

I told the lady from Airbnb about what my host told me and she will try to reach the host first. During the whole conversation, I was still doubtful of her identity but was assured when she dropped me an email (bearing Airbnb logo and email) after our conversation. Till now, Airbnb has not get back to me about the refund but the lady from Airbnb told me she still couldn't reach the host.  It was afternoon when she told me so. She also advised me to keep all our conversations between tenant and host via Airbnb mailbox so that Airbnb can trace the whole case.

I stayed in Airbnb a few times and totally love it.  This is my first time to experience such encounter.  Lies or not is not important to me for now. God is watching and God is fair. Its a blessing in disguise to me. My top most concern is my SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT REASON to extend my stay!!!!!  I really really hope my wish could come true.

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