Friday, 18 September 2015

Grateful nite ^^

My actual travel date for my upcoming trip is supposed to be 12 Oct - 23 Oct 2015. I couldn't sleep well ever since I got to know that 씨엔블루 will have two concerts on 24 & 25 Oct 2015. I felt like crying....왜???!!!

And so for more than a week, I was on a mind torturing journey of preparing myself to grab the tickets once its open to public for booking, which is 18 Sep. That's right. Its today at SG time 6pm. Other than concert tickets, I got to settle my accommodation and air ticket. Oh yes. That is why I asked my host about extension of stay for a SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT REASON - 씨엔블루 "Come Together" 2015.

The good news is I managed to get a ticket for both nites!!! Hoorayyyyy!!! The tickets were snapped up real fast and I am so lucky to get for both nites. All becos I have a very kind friend, 재희 ^^ Without her, I couldn't get the ticket at all. No words can explain how grateful and thankful I am. She did not just help me with the booking but also in many other ways. The best part is I only knew her for 11 days??? I am so thankful to have her as a friend ^^ 고마워
I am also thankful to my new Airbnb host who has agreed to wait for me till Saturday. I explained to her about the concert tickets as well as the shocking experience with my previous Airbnb host. Its only right that I tell her the truth, isn't it?

So what's left now is my air ticket...which needs to be cancelled and pay the penalties or top up few hundreds. 괜찮아요. I am already mentally prepared when I have decided to go for the concerts. Its worth it. 

I felt so mentally and physically exhausted after 재희 booked the tickets. I guess all my energy was used up during the mind torturing period hahahahaha

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