Monday, 2 January 2017

16 Nov 2016 - Disappointed

Wondering around the place as I waited for my dinner place to open
Yup Dinner at Lobster Shack.
Finally, I came.
Quick quick open although I am not hungry at all lol
Cos I need to rush off to watch a performance right after dinner.
Omgggg I couldn't contain my excitement towards the performance!!!
Nice ambience ^^
Overheard the familiar Singlish from the table beside me lol

They got a choice of either warm or cold lobster roll.
I chose warm lobster meat tossed in melted butter.....Woooo.............Yummmssss 
This grapefruit beer tasted really good!
So looking forward to this! 
I think its a bit expensive.
However when I compared to the one I had in London Lobster and Burger, this was cheap.  I can't remember how much I paid at Lobster & Burger. Was it £20?  Seriously, I would rather pay £20 than to pay ₩20000 cos the lobster roll at Lobster & Burger was really packed with solid lobster meat. Whereas for this, it looks fully packed but not really. The bottom was lined with a few cherry tomatoes...Not shiok at all hahahahaha
I also prefer the bread at Lobster & Burger.  It was more crispy and buttery.
Lobster Shack is less than 10 mins walk from Sinsa Station, exit 8.

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