Monday, 2 January 2017

16 Nov 2016 - What an exciting nite!

Yes!! Yes!!! 
미스터쇼!  Mr Show!!!
This was the performance I talked about!
Have been so excited the whole day becos of this performance ^^
Kinda shy when I looked at their posters lol
The MC was very good and a cutie too hahaha
I bought the 1st row ticket but I think 2nd row middle seats would be better.
Middle seats in 3rd row should be good too.
No words can described my excitement!!
You won't believe if I tell you I am not into 6 pack abs.
So why am I here???
He caught my attention few mins after he appeared.
Omgg he was just so manly when he performed in the sword dance.
I never like guys with long hair but he was an exception lol
My SG friends said I "Ham Sab" aka lustful.
Seriously, I think people who said this are kinda shallow.
It is not just about 6 pack abs and topless guys. 
I won't say the guys are good looking but they were very professional in their performance.
"Mr Show" is very entertaining and an eye opener for me.
I was left jaw dropping when they stripped and showed their butts.
Yup naked butt but NOTHING more!
Stop your imagination immediately Hahahahaa
OMGGGG seriously that really stunned me.  Hahahahah
I think they showed their butts twice and I was stunned twice!  Hahahahahaa
I love the segment where they select a few audiences on stage to perform together with them.
A lucky Taiwnese lady was selected and the guy carried her.
Ehhh.....I would faint if I was the one selected and being swept off my feet!
Cos I would be very conscious about my weight and worried about crushing the guy flat hahahaa
"Mr Show" can set your heart thumping fast, stirring up your wildest imagination BUT at the same time, it brings out the manliness and sexiness in a guy

The last segment where they wore something like the army uniform and they performed with the help of water.
Arghhh damn sexy and manly!!!
I will catch this performance again if I have the chance!!
BTW, only ladies above 19 years old are allowed.
At the end of the performance, two of them came out to take pictures with the audience.
I didn't request to take pictures with them cos my favourite guy was not there lol 

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