Monday, 12 June 2017

20 Nov 2016 - No more heartshape choco ㅠㅠ

Made my way to Central Park Station and was trying to locate exit 4. 
Oh! Supposed to be exit 4 but I think exit 4 no longer exist and has been replaced by exit 3.
From exit 3, I walked towards Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel.
Oh where was I heading to??
달콤커피  Dalkomm Café(Songdo Outlet).
Many of you would have come to check out this cafe already lol
I walked through the park.
My direction from Central Park Station, exit 3 as shown by the arrows.
Just before crossing the road, you can see the Sheraton hotel on your right.
You will reach this bakery after crossing the road.
 Dalkomm Café is just few steps away as shown by the arrows.
I think it took me about 10-15mins from exit 3 to reach here.

It was a great blow to me when I saw they replaced the heart shaped choco with these choco cubes...arghhhh...
I came here all the way for the 송송초코 Song Song Choco!!
Damn disappointed....
Anyway, since I came all the way I will just order the Song Song Choco with the choco cube instead ㅠㅠ

Purposely find one seat to see and and feel them >_<

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