Sunday, 18 June 2017

20 Nov 2016 - Yummy Kalguksu for lunch!

 I took the subway to Dongincheon station, exit 7 for my lunch at 맷돌칼국수.
There is a linkway/underpass from the station that connects to exit 7. 

Walk straight along the main road from Dongincheon station, exit 7 and you will see Sinpo International Market 신포국제시장 on your right.  I think I took about 5-10 mins to reach here. Enter the market and walked straight through it.

I saw a long queue on both sides of the street as I entered the market. The 2 queues were for Dakgangjeong (Korean crispy fried chicken coated in a sweet and spicy sauce). Well, I did not join the queue cos the smallest serving of chicken was also too much for me lol. 

Rotiboy still exists!

The eatery is located in the mist of some some alleys.
I went round the alleys for a few times before I found the eatery.
I entered from this alley .
Saw the signage "세계맥주 Gangster" on the top right?
I used that as my landmark. 

At last I found it.
There was another 1 or maybe 2 eateries nearby selling 칼국수Kalguksu as well.

Told myself I must find it so that I can strike it out on my wish list!
Yay I found it!!!

I was attracted to this place becos it feels rather old school.

Yes! I finally see you ^^
This was so yummy and cheap!!  Only 4500 won ^^
This Kalguksu was a favorite among the locals.
The main reason why I wanted to come here was becos of the toppings.
Any guess to what is it?
If I am not wrong, it was those crispy bits of fried chicken lol

Click here for MAP .

The nearest subway station is Sinpo Station, exit 3 but I came from Dongincheon station, exit 7. Sinpo International Market 신포국제시장 is circled in red.

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