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11 Nov 2017 - Made me fall in love with 남양주

Reached Ungilsan station, exit 1.
Walk towards 1 o'clock direction to take bus to my next destination.
For my return trip, I got off at the bus stop as shown by the yellow arrow.
I assumed the bus stop as shown by the red arrow is the bus stop to take bus no. 56 or 167 to my destination.
Assumption becos I did not take the bus to my destination since I missed it...
And the next bus was 20-30mins....

This is the bus stop, Ungilsan station which I got off for my trip back to the subway station later in the evening.
Anyway, I crossed the road to get to the bus stop for bus no. 56. 


I could not make out which is the bus stop, "뒷골" on the bus route.
"뒷골" is supposed to be the bus stop beside my destination.
As shown on Naver map, the nearest bus stop is "뒷골" 
After walking for about 25-30mins, I saw this bus stop, "연세중학교".
Dun get me wrong, there were a few bus stops along the way but finally I decided to wait for the bus here.
Well, that is the bus stop in the opposite direction.
I tried to look around for a bus stop on my side but could not see any.

If I take bus no. 167, I will need to alight at bus stop, “삼봉2리" which is one stop before my destination and walked less than 4 mins.
Well, I also cannot make out which is bus stop “삼봉2리" on this route ㅠㅠ 
My destination as shown by the arrow.  
If I take bus no. 167, I will need to alight at bus stop, “삼봉2리".

View from the bus stop while I waited for the bus.

 After waiting for a while, I decided to take a walk and see if there is any taxi or bus that comes along the way.

Unfortunately, there weren't...
So I just walked and walked...

After walking for about 25-30mins, I decided to take a bus.
This bus stop is "연세중학교" from the opposite direction.

"연세중학교"  bus stop.
I tried to look for the bus stop on my side but I could not see any.

Saw an 아줌마 and asked her where is the bus stop.
Haizzz....she kept on pointing "저기, 저기" which means "there there".
Aiyo...."there" is where....???

Just at that moment, I saw someone got off from the bus somewhere along here.
Yessss......how to know where is the bus stop right???
Only the locals will know.

I couldn't remember where but I also waited for the bus "there"....
I think its somewhere near the black car in the picture lol
Told you I walked for 25-30mins right?
 I realised there was hardly a bus stop on the side which I was taking, although Naver map indicated the bus stops.

Anyway, I took bus no. 56 at 3.56pm.

A straight route from the subway station to my destination as depicted by the star.
I thought it is a straight route from the subway station to my destination but it turned out that the bus route includes a trip into a small road.
The bus(in red circle) turned left into the small road and thereafter it made its way out to the main road again. 
Oh yeah, that's right. Dwitgol is the bus stop "뒷골".

Seriously, I was quite worried where to alight becos I could not see any bus stop along the journey.
Maybe there was but I missed it.
Well, there were a few people who got off the bus along the way but I could not see the bus stop.
I really think only the local will know where is the bus stop ㅠㅠ
It was my first time to use this google map for bus route to identify the bus stop...
I quickly pressed the bell where I saw the marker on the map moving closer to my destination.
The bus was travelling quite fast so stay alert for your bus stop!
The bus driver asked me if I really want to get off here...
There was no bus stop here hahahahahaha
Really reminds me of taking buses in small village..
Got off the bus and saw this across the road.
Nice and peaceful place ^^
That's the place I wanted to come so much!!
인블럭카페 9 BLOCK cafe!!!
I am finally here!!!

난왔어!! 왔어!! 왔어!!
The car park was full!!!

I will let the pictures do the talking ^^

The cream puff was really yummy!

I regretted spending much time to find a seat inside.
Please forget about finding a seat inside.
Outside was so much BETTER!!!!

This place is simply awesome!
Nice scenery, fresh air, lovely background music which came from the speakers on the trees.

I could not ask for more!
Was it cold??
Not that cold, maybe becos I was wearing the right jacket.
I wish I can sit here like this everyday or all day at least...

I asked one of the staff where is the bus stop for my return trip back to the subway station.
She was so so kind and brought me outside here to show me (shown by the Yellow arrow).
She told me she is not staying in this area and also has the same problem of identifying where is the bus stop.
So!  It is not only my problem!!
Even a Korean has the same problem.
This was the bus stop for my return trip.....
But I was impatient and I decided to walk down the road for the next bus stop.
안녕 나인블럭!
You have become my favorite cafe in Korea!
And becos of you, I fell in love with Namyangju ^^
There were quite a few really nice cafes with splendid view like this in Namyangju.
I might visit 1-2 of these cafes in my upcoming trip but not sure if I can make it due to time constraint.
나인블럭 9 Block was very popular during the period of my visit in Korea.
As I walked down the road, I saw this bus stop not far away.
It looks like a terminal.

Bus no 167 can go back to the subway station but the driver did not seem to be starting his route any time.

Saw this bus stop along the road, about 2 mins walk from that bus no. 167.
So this is the bus stop to take bus no.56 which will arrive 9mins later.
Here comes my bus no. 56.
Yup. It was pretty cold to be standing here...
It was not a straight route back.
The bus also made a turn into the small road.
I took the bus at 5.17pm and reached 
Ungilsan station bus stop at 5.35pm.
Please stay alert at all times to hear the names of the bus stop.
Actually, I did not hear the name of the bus stop but forgotten what was being announced.
Fortunately, I cold recognize the area.
For me, it was worth all the effort to come here even though the public transport sucks.
Even if you willing to spend on taxi fare, there is hardly one to take..

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