Sunday, 2 December 2018

12 Nov 2017 - Wiryeseong ginko trees walking trail

I took the subway to Mongchontoseong Station, exit 1 for this walking trail.
You can also check out Olympic Park from Mongchontoseong Station, exit 1, the park would be lovely during this season.
I did not check out the park this time though.
You can see ginko trees on both sides of the road when you exit from exit 1.
The view would probbaly be much nicer if the road was not under construction lol pictures below will be more or less the same!
But I dun care hahahaa

Ahhhh my favourite, Dalki!!!
So happy to see you & your friends here ^^
반가 반가 ^^
The stretch outside Mongchontoseong Station, exit 1.
I think I could catch a nicer view of the foliage if I were there one week earlier but this was good enough for me.
I am thankful to enjoy the nice scenery ^^

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