Sunday, 19 May 2019

2 April 2018 - What a sumptuous breakfast!

View outside my airbnb ^^ 

I chose to walk along the coast to my breakfast place which I think was about 2 bus stops away.

Saw that white & red horse? 
That's the lighthouse at Iho Tewoo Beach 이호테우해변.

Reached my breakfast place.
It took me about 13 mins leisure walk to get here. 

As close as possible to the sea of course!!!

Jeju horses are known as the symbol of Jeju island ^^
Omggg...spoilt for choices..
All of them looks so lovely!
I decided to choose the one with my lucky colors, white & green ^^

Actually, seafood ramyeon is very common in Jeju.
But ginseng seafood ramyeon is not common I guess.
I came here were becos I wanted to try if the broth has any ginseng taste and also becos it was near my airbnb.
Although I had seen it many times online but it still made me go wow when I removed the pot cover.
Removing all the mussels, abalones and crabs before I can eat lol
I am not a mussel person but whenever I ate seafood ramyeon in Jeju, there will always be a bowlful of mussels.
Is mussel very cheap in Korea???????????????
I still eat them but wish somebody can be there to help me finish all the musse hahahah
I dunno about you but ramyeon tasted so so nice whenever I ate them in Korea ^^
Well, although mine was Ginseng seafood ramyeon with a big ginseng but I dun think the broth was cooked with ginseng.
It tasted like seafood ramyeon which also mean nice hahahaah
Passed by this tree as I walked to the main road to take the bus to my next destination.
So pretty!!!!

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