Sunday, 1 March 2020

6 April 2018 - View outside 애월더선셋 Aewol The Sunset Cafe

Finished my meal and came out to see the surroundings since the cafe is by the coast.

It would be so nice to sit here during early summer or late spring~~~

This direction (facing the sea, on your right) leads to Bomnal Cafe 봄날.
Yup, can walk there via 애월해안산책로 Aewol Coastal Trail.

That's Bomnal Cafe 봄날 ^^
It was really nice to walk by the coast.
My favorite thing to do in Jeju ^^
Getting nearer to Bomnal Cafe.

The red marker indicates The Sunset Cafe and the green marker indicates Bomnal Cafe.
Takes about 15mins walk to reach Bomnal Cafe.

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