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2 April 2015 - Getting to 화개터미널 Hwagae Bus Terminal

The itinerary for the day was a day trip to Hwagae for their famous Cherry Blossom. Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival commenced from 3 April till 5 April this year but I decided to check out the place a day before the festival(just in case there's some changes to the weather). I experienced light shower on quite a number of days for this trip...boring but I am still very thankful that I can get to see and visit the places that I have planned.  A big thanks to Siying who has given me valuable information to get around Hwagae.

I woke up late and reached Seobu Bus Terminal at 7.57amGot my bus ticket at 7.59am but missed the bus by ONE drove off right in front of me at 8am sharp. The bus to Hwagae/Hadong is every hour, which means the next bus will come along at 9am. Decided to get my breakfast from the convenient store which is located beside the ticket counters. By the way, the nearest subway station exit to Seobu Bus Terminal is Sasang Station, exit 5. 
I decided to try this Kimchi cheese fried rice ^^
Microwave it for 3 mins.
Gosh....its quite tasty!

Just tell the counter staff, "Hwagae" or show them the words "화개" and they will understand.
No time stated on the ticket but the bus interval is one hour.
Made my way to platform 8.

Some buses will have English words for their destinations but not this bus.
Not to worry.
The bus driver or an uncle will usually be standing at the entrance of the bus.

You can always double confirm with them before boarding the bus.
The bus to Hwagae arrived at about 8.44am and drove off at 9am sharp. 
Spacious seating layout.
The bus arrived at this stopover at 10.08am for a toilet break. You can also get some snack here if you want. It drove off at 10.20am. The bus driver did a head count before he drove off. Never assume that bus drivers will do a head count before they drove off. Not all bus drivers do that.
At 10.39am, the bus reached Gon Yang Terminal 곤양공용터미널 and drove off at 10.40am after picking up some passengers. It arrived at Hadong Bus Terminal at 11.10am. There will be announcement on the current stop and the next stop in the bus but all announcements was in Korean.  Hwagae Bus Terminal is next after Hadong Bus Terminal.
Lots of passengers boarding and getting off the bus at Hadong. The bus drove off from Hadong Bus Terminal at 11.20am. 
The bus reached Hwagae Bus Terminal at 11.52am. If I did not hear wrongly, Gurye 구례 is next after Hwagae. Oh by the way, remember to keep your bus ticket properly as the bus driver will collect the bus ticket as you alight the bus.
This is Hwagae bus terminal 화개 터미널. The Blue arrow points to the direction of the Hwagae market place 화개장터, where I had my lunch. The Green arrow points to the direction for the Cherry Blossom Street 십리벚꽃길. You got to make a right U turn from the bus terminal (My green arrow is unable to show the U turn lol) The red arrow points to a minimart where you will buy your return bus ticket.
I didn't buy my return ticket back to Busan straight away. I bought my ticket only after I am done with my day trip in Hwagae becos I think they do not reflect the time on the bus ticket. You just got to take note of the bus schedule and gauge your own timing. 
Bearing in mind that the bus ride took 2hrs 52mins to reach Hwagae from Busan, I aimed to take the bus departing for Busan at 4.45pm. The next bus leaving for Busan will be at 5.45pm. 

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