Monday, 28 November 2016

12 Nov 2015 - New Prince Tourism Motel 뉴프린스 관광 모텔

From Jeongeup Station, I crossed the road and walked over to my accommodation.
That's my accommodation, New Prince Tourism Motel 뉴프린스 관광 모텔. It took me about 3 mins from the station to reach the motel. Well, I booked this place not because it is very good but becos the staff can speak Mandarin.  I think its quite popular among Taiwanese tourists?  I emailed to them via and also left my enquiry on their websit
They took slightly more than 1 week to reply my email in Mandarin(even though I emailed to them in English).  I checked their website whether they replied my enquiry but I gave up after checking for a week.  In the end, my Korean friend helped me to call.  They requested for payment and I transferred the payment to them.  All I need was to bring the documents that I have transferred the payment and also mentioned my contact number during check in.
뉴프린스 관광 모텔 New Prince Tourism Motel  
보보스모텔 Bobos Motel is nearby New Prince Tourism Motel.
 In fact, there were a few motels near the train stations but I think they do not have any English websites. 

My room is on the 6th floor.

It was quite a spacious room for 1 person.
Switches for the lightings

It was quite a comfortable stay. Housekeeping is everyday.  On the whole, I find the room quite ok but a bit expensive because I came during the peak period(Foliage was at the peak).  I paid 90,000 per room per nite without breakfast.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to Naejangsan in Nov. I plan to check out early in the morning of my hike but leave my luggage in the hotel. Does the hotel allow that? Could you share your experience with me? Thanks

    1. Hi. Sorry for my late reply. I am not sure if u can leave your luggage with the hotel. Best to check with the hotel.