Tuesday, 29 November 2016

12 Nov 2016 - First meal back home!

Heading out for lunch before going to 백양사 Baegyangsa ^^
So hungry because I did not have time for breakfast since I touched down.
The motel's 아줌마 ajumma recommended an eatery that specialized in Gamjatang.
The eatery was about 3 mins walk away from the motel and directly opposite the Jeongeup train station.
This was the place which ajumma had recommended, 원조감자탕.
(Took this picture at night)

  1. 뼈해장국 Haejangguk 7000won
  2. 바지락칼국수 Clams soup noodle 6000won
  3. 김치전골 Kimchi stew 7000won
  4. 시래기된장국 Dried radish soup 5000won
I ordered 뼈해장국 Haejangguk. So far from my experience, eateries that specialize in Gamjatang will put 뼈해장국 Haejangguk instead of Gamjatang for one person portion on their menu.  
Honestly speaking, I did not feel this was as good as what 아줌마 ajumma had recommended. Gamjatang is my all time favourite Korean food and the taste for this soup was not as strong as what I had expected. Well, it was ok but somehow I felt it lacked something. Nevertheless, it warmed my tummy from the cold weather ^^
My weakness.....rice in soup...

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