Sunday, 27 November 2016

Back in Sg


Have not returned  to my second home for almost a year but everything felt most comfortable as before.  So surprised that my legs can bring me to where I wanna go without referring much to the map.

Three things I wanna share:

1) I used to see most Koreans in round frame glasses but for this trip, I saw there were quite a few wearing rectangular frame glasses.
2) I was attended by young Koreans in some shops and eating places who could speak English more fluently than my previous trips.  Maybe they were doing part time jobs while schooling?? Hahahah its just a wild guess but I am happy to see more Koreans speaking English.
3) Some eating places which I have visited in my previous trips have closed down.

Well, I was back on 24th Nov nite and unpacked my luggage till around 3am.  Why so long?  Cos I stared at my luggage for a long time, not knowing how and where  to start. The moment I touched down, I received calls and messages from my colleagues.  They must be very happy that I am back and I dread to think of the amount of work waiting for me. Really hate the sight of my staff pass.  I am thankful to have a few great buddies to cover my work during my vacations but I know they are also burnt out by now.  Many thanks to them for covering me during my absence.

Still feeling the fatigue.  I guess age is catching up on me ㅋㅋㅋ  My room is still in a mess with all my purchases and I only feel like sleeping.Tomorrow is another battle day at work.  I will work hard to play hard for my next trip back home!! 힘!!!!   화이팅!!

Bear with me for my super slow updates as I work till quite late almost everyday.  By the time, I reach home, I only want to throw myself on bed watching all my favourite Korean dramas.  I also want to apologise for not being able to reply you before and during my trip. I was working till the last minute before my flight..

**My lapstop shut down on its own suddenly when I was typing this post.  I tried to restart a few times but it couldn't.  I typed this last sentence using my Galaxy Tab and it was so hard...

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