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18 Nov 2016 - Yummy lunch

Wanted to have lunch at 송정식당 becos it was a popular eatery for 불고기백반 Bulgogi set among the locals but the man who was grilling the pork slices told me something like a minimum of 2 persons is required. I am not sure if I heard him correctly a not but I was so disappointed.  Anyway, I walked on as shown by the purple arrow.
Although I didn't have a chance to dine here, but I took a peek of the interior.
The place was packed.
The narrow alley led me to here where I had lunch at a random eatery.
I saw several eateries selling bulgogi and grilled fish along the alley but I decided to have my lunch at this eatery. 

Yes. I still want my 불고기백반 Bulgogi set.
I always love it whenever steamed egg or egg roll omelette is included in the set ^^
Very yummy lunch!! Everything was so yummy!!
  I was disappointed that I could not have my Bulgogi set at 송정식당 but not anymore ^^
송정식당 is the one circled in Orange. I could not remember the exact location where I had my lunch but I think it was somewhere in that area circled in Red. Nearest subway station is Dongdaemun station exit 9.

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