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19 Nov 2016 - A neighbourhood that I love so much

Spending my Saturday afternoon in this lovely neighbourhood, Yeonnam dong 연남동 ^^

A very small flea market.

My dinner, 고추장불백정식 spicy pork rice set at 미나리식당 Mirari Sikdang
So surprised to stumble upon this eatery here! I saw the long queue in Hongdae few days ago and gave up waiting. There was no queue here at the Yeonnam dong outlet, so why not! 미나리식당 Mirari sikdang offers affortable and delicious rice set(백 반)Their popular items among locals seemed to be the grilled pork rice set (7000won) and spicy pork rice set (7000won). I think they have English menu, you can try asking for one. Check out this blog. 
Nearest subway station to Yeonnam dong and 미나리식당 Mirari Sikdang (depicted by the blue marker) is Hongik Univ Station, exit 3.
Dongjin Market 동진시장 is circled in red.
Those apartments that you saw in my posts are located along the blue line.  

I finally join the queue hahahaha
Took me so long to get this cos I am no fan of Tiramisu.
Nothing special but it certainly helped in my cravings for dessert!

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