Saturday, 27 May 2017

18 Nov 2016 - Seoul Lantern Festival 2016

After a hearty dinner, I made my way to check out the Seoul Lantern Festival which was nearby.

Ending the nite with this.
 I bought a lot of this Yogurt Almond back to SG.
Available in small and big packets.
The small packet makes a very good souvenir ^^
My family and colleagues love it!
The packaging changed when I was back at my second home recently but they tasted the same.
Wasabi and honey flavor are easily available in SG but not the Yogurt flavor ^^
It could also be Yakult flavour and it taste the same as yogurt flavor.
So far, I only found them in certain mini marts and convenience stores.

(Yakult Almonds!!  I saw this at NTUC Finest today - 10/6/17!!!  
The packaging is the latest packaging. I think its $9.30 per pack.  I also saw the small packets in a Korean mart. Think its about $2++ per pack)
Super of Yogurt Almond with Apple flavour Makgeolli.
Personally, I find the Apple flavor Makgeolli tasted really awful...

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