Sunday, 3 September 2017

4 April 2017 - Spring trip 2017 kick-start ^^

My Spring trip 2017 was a combination of Italy and my second home, Korea.  From the map below, Singapore is depicted by a little red star. You can see that I took a long way to reach Italy when I have direct flight from SG to Italy! Well, dun ask me why but that's ok for me! I was looking forward to my trip back home rather than Italy actually. No offence to all Italian friends out there but you know I love my second home so so sooo much.  Italy was nice and I enjoyed my solo trip there but there was always so much feelings and gratitude whenever I am back in Korea.  I have to admit that it was an excuse to go back Korea but it was also a good idea to recover my jet lag in my second home ^^ I transited in Incheon Airport on 4 April 2017 at about 6am and flew to Leonardo Da Vinci (Rome) at around 12.35pm on the same day.  I shall not blog about my Italy trip here and dive straight into my Korea trip okie? 

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  1. Ah I was wondering where your post about Rome now I know why there's none :)