Sunday, 3 September 2017

14 April 2017 - Real food!!

Left my luggage in my air bnb apartment and rushed out to look for dinner!!
It was a Friday nite at about 9pm and Busan station was so quiet lol

Whenever I passed by Choryang station, it was either around 8am or 9pm and the station always look like this lol
Dinner at 소문난 불백 ^^
Heard that it was a popular eatery for 불백정식  grilled pork slices rice set among the locals.

1 ) 시골밥상 (Sigol Bapsang) - I think it is a meal with a number of side dishes.
2) 불백정식 - Grilled pork slices rice set
3) 오뎅정식 - Odeng rice set
4) 대구탕 - Daegu soup (Fish soup)
5) 돼지찌게 - Pork stew
6) 두부김치 - Toufu Kimchi 

I went upstairs cos the first floor was fully occupied. 
This is what I called real FOOD!!!
불백정식  ^^
Oh my god....This was soooo delicious that I devoured everything withins 10mins!

Took me about 3 mins on foot to reach 소문난 불백 from Choryang Station, exit 3. 

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